"As Time Goes By" Going Online (TV Episode 2000) Poster

(TV Series)


Judi Dench: Jean Hardcastle



  • [first lines] 

    Lionel : [on the telephone]  No, thank you. No, thank you.


    Lionel : No, thank you!


    Lionel : No, thank you.


    Lionel : No, thank you. Goodbye.

    Jean : Friend of yours?

    Lionel : British Telecom. One of those 'are you satisfied with our services' calls. I said yes and hoped that would be it, but no, I then get ten minutes of being offered extra services.

    Jean : You weren't even listening.

    Lionel : Well, it's all getting too complicated. Do you realise you can get a special rate if you make calls between three and five o'clock in the morning providing you're standing on one leg and wearing a ginger wig?

    Jean : You turned that down!

  • Lionel : That was about as subtle as a steamroller, wasn't it.

    Jean : I just think they ought to be left alone.

    Lionel : Look, you can't start matchmaking at a time like this.

    Jean : I'm not matchmaking, but when Alistair was telling his sad story, and it was sad, it was Judy he was telling it to.

    Sandy : Didn't you notice?

    Lionel : No.

    Sandy : Honestly.

    Jean : Honestly.

    Lionel : Well, I'm not psychic, am I!

  • [last lines] 

    Jean : Are you sure you didn't fix it for the lights to go off?

    Lionel : No. Even with my immensely long arms, i couldn't reach from here to the cupboard under the stairs.

    Jean : No, I suppose not. 'Tis romantic, though, isn't it.

    Lionel : Yes, 'tis.

    [he chuckles] 

    Jean : Why are you smiling?

    Lionel : Well, I was just thinking of the things you could still do that require no technological expertise at all.

    Jean : Oh, Lionel, you are a rascal.

    Lionel : I have my moments.

  • Jean : Have you finished your early morning grumble?

    Lionel : Yes, I think so.

    Jean : Good morning.

  • Jean : Does Alistair take tea or coffee for breakfast?

    Judith : Coffee. Sometimes Buck's Fizz.

    Jean : [pause]  Coffee, then.

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