"Australian Survivor" The Final (TV Episode 2002) Poster

(TV Series)


Eddie McGuire: Himself - Host (live segments)


  • Joel Betts : [after a montage of how Joel's appearance changed over the 39 days is shown]  Call me Confucius.


    Eddie McGuire : What are you doing these days? We were joking before that, you know, people thought that, mate, you might have been playing dumb at various stages or that, as you said, you decided to go with integrity rather than go for the dollars. What are you doing?

    Joel Betts : A lot of public speaking right now, Eddie. I'm doing a lot of personal development training both for corporations and schools and sporting teams, and I've got heaps of information about what I'm doing at www.joelbetts.com


    Joel Betts : and, look, it's really good, I mean, I went out there and played it as honestly as I could, and where I came across a bit naïve, I think I was in part, but I was also pretty trusting and I lived up to my word and just automatically expected that other people would and that was naïve of me, but look, I've got no regrets and I'm having a blast right now and I'm helping a lot of people and it's great.

    Eddie McGuire : Good on you Joel, don't expect an endorsement coming from Gillette though, OK?

  • Eddie McGuire : [Katie comes out on stage after we see her voted out at Tribal Council]  We've watched three segments of Survivor tonight, and in each one of them you've had to have your makeup put on again because you've been crying your eyes out, haven't you?

    Katie Gold : Yes. It's always a special day when you have a nervous breakdown on national TV.

  • Eddie McGuire : [Sciona and Rob come out on stage after we see the final Tribal Council]  Sciona, first of all, do you think you've won the money?

    Sciona Browne : Well, this comment's haunted me once or twice since I've finished being out there on location, but let me just say this: I didn't go out there to play tiddly-winks.

  • [last lines] 

    Eddie McGuire : Well Rob, congratulations mate, you've got the magnificent Ford, you've got the $500,000 and

    [referring to Sciona] 

    Eddie McGuire : you've got your mother-in-law.


    Eddie McGuire : It does strange things, Survivor. Ladies and gentlemen, please put your hands together for Rob Dickson, Australia's Survivor.


    Eddie McGuire : Well I hope you have enjoyed it right throughout on the Nine Network, congratulations to Lincoln Howes for doing a wonderful job, goodnight.

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