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The Mad Hatter blows his lid
kevinolzak14 May 2016
"The Contaminated Cowl" marked the one time only return of David Wayne's Mad Hatter, a role he apparently despised, but never displays in another all out energetic performance. Set to cap his criminal career by snatching Batman's cowl, the latest impersonation by Jervis Tetsch is that of the three tailed Pasha of Panchagorum, snatching a ruby from the headdress of Hattie Hatfield (Barbara Morrison), and spraying a radioactive substance in Batman's face, turning his cowl bright pink. It's off to the Atomic Research lab of Professor Overbeck (Leonid Kinskey) for decontamination, only to be followed by The Mad Hatter and his goons, therein trapping the Dynamic Duo in a fluoroscopic cabinet to be reduced to skeletons in seconds under high voltage x-rays! Hat check girl Polly is a substantial role played by pretty Jean Hale, former wife of Dabney Coleman.
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