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Roger Sloman: Inspector Victor Deffand


  • [Jim offers to do a deal with Deffand to trade some information in return for Deffand not sacking Lomas for having an affair with a suspect] 

    Jim Bergerac : You keep Lomas clean. You defend him. If anyone wants to sack him, you say "Let him who is without sin..."

    Inspector Victor Deffand : What do *I* get out of this deal?

    Jim Bergerac : The man who failed to answer the summons at the Royal Court. The magistrate has issued a warrant. I can tell you where to find him.

    Inspector Victor Deffand : Am I supposed to get excited?

    [Bergerac beckons and Deffand grudgingly follows. Bergerac points to a name on Deffand's new white-board that lists all the cases which the department is working on] 

    Jim Bergerac : You've had him in custody all the time. He can't attend court if you've got him locked up, can he? If I were you, I'd get down the court house and make your apologies as fast as you can before they figure it out for themselves, otherwise your name could be "Lucky".

    Inspector Victor Deffand : "Lucky"?

    Jim Bergerac : Lucky the judge doesn't jail you for contempt.

    [Deffand looks utterly humiliated and Pettit tries hard not to smirk] 

  • [Jim meets Deffand for the first time. Deffand is thoroughly obnoxious to Jim, as he is to everyone] 

    Inspector Victor Deffand : Who are you?

    Jim Bergerac : Bergerac, Jim Bergerac. And you?

    Inspector Victor Deffand : Inspector Deffand.

    Jim Bergerac : Oh yes. I'm looking for DC Lomas.

    Inspector Victor Deffand : [patronisingly]  Bergerac. *Mister* Bergerac. There used to be a Bergerac who worked here. A sergeant. But he left the place such an ill-disciplined shambles I don't expect *that* Bergerac would dare show his face again. Not here.

    Jim Bergerac : I *was* looking for DC Lomas.

    Inspector Victor Deffand : [peremptorily]  Why?

    Jim Bergerac : Well that's between him and me, isn't it?

    Inspector Victor Deffand : Business only here, Mr Bergerac. No secrets. What do you want him for?

    Inspector Victor Deffand : What rank are you?

    Inspector Victor Deffand : Detective Inspector.

    Jim Bergerac : No, I mean in private life. In the big wide world outside this place.

    Inspector Victor Deffand : Don't play games with me, Bergerac.

    Jim Bergerac : *Mister* Bergerac. You see, you only outrank the boys in here. Outside, in the *real* world, in real life, you don't outrank *anyone*. More specifically, you don't outrank me. So could you please try and be civil.

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