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  • Cory and Shawn come across Mr. Turner's lesson plans when they deliver some homework to his apartment. The two hurry home to study furiously for an upcoming pop quiz but soon feel guilty for cheating.


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  • Shawn & Cory have just received a 12 and a 16 on their quizzes, respectively. Mr. Feeny asks them some basic questions ("Have you ever read a book?"), but they do not comprehend. Later, Mr. Turner tells them that a book report is near due. They ask for an extension, and he grants them one until Sunday at 5:00PM. Meanwhile, Joey and Frankie are caught reading a letter from Harvey "Harley" Keiner, telling of his times at a juvenile detention camp and that he is loving every minute of it. They speculate that he has a new gang, and are distraught over the fact that they have no leader. Eric appears and cons his brother out of his ticket to a water park so that he may attend with a girl. Joey & Frankie see this and immediately recognize him as their new leader. Eric, however, wants nothing to do with them, as they are "scum." On Saturday, Cory and Shawn appear at Mr. Turner's apartment (unknowingly one day early) with their "book report" for 'Of Mice And Men', which is actually the synopsis copied from the back of the videocassette. While in his apartment, they stumble across an open grade book, and see plans for a 'pop' quiz Tuesday. They see this as their chance to finally get a good grade, as it tells what chapters the quiz will be over. They leave as if nothing has happened, only to come prepared Tuesday with knowledge and #2 pencils for the entire class. Next, we go to Mr. Feeny's office, where he is talking to a new transfer student who has a bad disciplinary history but appears quiet and polite. Soon, the real transfer student, Griffin "Griff" Hawkins appears, telling the first boy to leave and explaining to Mr. Feeny that he is not a morning person. After some misbehavior, Mr. Feeny is not pleased and tells Griff how things work in his school. He then gives him a detention. Next, we get back to Joey & Frankie, who are following Eric everywhere, much to his displeasure. Griff starts walking confidently down the hall and attracting many girls. Joey & Frankie take note of this and stare at him. Eric now acts as if he wants them to be his lackeys, but decides he will help them talk to Griff after school. They meet at Chubbies, where Griff is with some girls. They make their move when he is alone and explain their positions. Griff is hesitant, but they soon prove their worth when they rid off a jock who confronts Griff for messing with his girlfriend. He realizes their worth, and eventually takes them on as his lackeys. In the meantime, Cory feels guilty about looking at Mr. Turner's grade book. He and Shawn confess to Mr. Turner that they did it, only to find out that the assignment has been posted in the class for two weeks. They are amazed to discover that all assignments are posted on the blackboard daily. They decide to go home and actually read a book. Mr. Feeny comes in, also amazed at how Mr. Turner has the ability to get through to the boys, while anytime he tells them anything, they do not seem to understand it. He then pays Mr. Turner $20 for the bet they had as to if he could really get the boys to study.

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