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Walter Brennan plays a wonderful old crank! And, a stubborn one at that!
MartinHafer14 September 2010
This is from the anthology series called "DuPont Theater---also called "Cavalcade of America". While pretty much forgotten today, such original shows were common at the time. Like most of these shows, it stars famous Hollywood actors of the previous decades, as many of them switched from movies to TV work in the 50s. Old time actors Walter Brennan and Jane Darwell appear in this one.

Brennan plays a nasty old man living out in the country. It seems that his son has married against his explicit orders--and from a family Brennan hates. When the son and daughter-in-law find they have no place to live, Brennan allows them to stay but makes the lady's life horrible--ordering her about like a slave. Partly this is due to spite, part of this is because he is a total sexist and thinks this hard work is important to 'break in' a woman!! Nice guy, huh?! Well, the first week goes well--at least for Brennan. He orders her about and she soon proves to be an excellent housewife (and slave). However, the following week she announces she's done--she and her husband can now afford to pay their way and she's tired of being a slave. Now, Brennan has to cook for himself while she either sits around the house or cooks for just herself and husband! Naturally, the crotchety Brennan is incensed! Can all this be worked out properly and sense of peace and fairness develop? Tune in and see.

Overall, this is a pretty funny show and represents some of the changing attitudes towards women and their roles. While perhaps seeming a bit antiquated today, it did represent a major step in women's rights. Plus, while Brennan's character was a bit over-the-top, he was great to watch. He was wonderful at being an old jerk--even if it seemed to imply he was abusing his dog on several occasions!
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