"Charmed" Forget Me... Not (TV Episode 2003) Poster

(TV Series)


Sarah Aldrich: Natalie


  • Leo Wyatt : Chris, what are you doing sitting around here? Aren't you supposed to be getting to know your new charge?

    [Natalie, wearing only Chris's shirt, stands at the doorway.] 

    Natalie : Oh, hi, Leo.

    Chris Halliwell : [to Leo]  Okay, look, before you get mad, you were the one who wanted me to have a charge in the first place, remember?

    Leo Wyatt : Yeah, to protect her!

    Natalie : Oh, he *was* using protection.

  • Leo Wyatt : [Leo orbs into the P3 storeroom where Chris is relaxing on the sofa in a tshirt and boxers]  Hey.

    Chris Halliwell : Hey.

    [Looks to see who it is] 

    Chris Halliwell : uh Leo!

    [Hastily stands up] 

    Chris Halliwell : Heey...

    [Picks up trousers to cover himself] 

    Chris Halliwell : I didn't know you were coming here.

    Leo Wyatt : I can see that. Are you drinking beer?

    Chris Halliwell : [Glances at his bottle]  Uh, I was going to pay for that...

    Leo Wyatt : Chris what are you doing sitting around here, aren't you supposed to be getting to know your new charge?

    Natalie : [Charge walks in with just a tshirt. Chris collapses on sofa, head in hands]  Oh, hi Leo.

    Leo Wyatt : Okay look, before you get mad, you're the one who wanted me to have a charge in the first place, remember?

    Chris Halliwell : Yeah, to protect her...

    Natalie : - Oh, he was using protection.

    Chris Halliwell : Yeah, I don't think that's what he meant...

    Leo Wyatt : Chris, are you out of your mind? Aside from this being totally out of line, it's completely against the rules!

    Chris Halliwell : Huh yeah, you're one to talk.

    Natalie : Oh I - I don't think that's his point.

    [Leo glares, Chris sighs] 

    Natalie : . Why don't I just... leave you two alone?

    [Walks out] 

    Chris Halliwell : Look, I was just having a little fun, what's the big deal? It's not like I have anything pressing to do anyway.

    Leo Wyatt : You don't have anything pressing?

    [Chris shrugs] 

    Leo Wyatt : Then why exactly did you come back from the future in the first place?

    Chris Halliwell : [Chris thinks]  Uhhh I don't know...

    [Leo frowns as he shrugs] 

    Chris Halliwell : I forgot.

    Leo Wyatt : You forgot?

    Chris Halliwell : Huh


    Leo Wyatt : [Baby sounds]  You hear that?

    Chris Halliwell : What?

    Leo Wyatt : Nevermind... We'll talk about this later.

    [Orbs out, Chris looks bewildered] 

  • Chris Halliwell : You're kidding right? I don't have time for another charge!

    Leo Wyatt : Why not?

    Chris Halliwell : Because I just - don't! Why do you want me to oversee another witch anyway?

    Leo Wyatt : Because I want to see what you can do - what you can handle.

    Chris Halliwell : Oh please, you just don't want me around the sisters all the time because you don't trust me.

    Leo Wyatt : Chris, protecting charges is what we do. And besides, when I was a Whitelighter I had other charges.

    Chris Halliwell : Leo, I didn't come all the way from the future to protect, and oversee, other charges. I came for one reason. And one reason only.

    Leo Wyatt : To protect Wyatt.

    Chris Halliwell : Yeah.

    Leo Wyatt : From some demon who will attack in the future, but you're not sure which one...

    Chris Halliwell : [Throws hands up in exasperation]  Hey, man, fine, whatever, don't believe me, all I'm saying is there is no way I'm taking on another charge, and that's...

    [sees Natalie] 

    Chris Halliwell : that.

    Natalie : Hi Leo, sorry I'm late.

    Leo Wyatt : It's ok.

    Natalie : You must be Chris.

    [Shakes his hand] 

    Natalie : I'm Natalie.

    Chris Halliwell : [Looks at Leo]  Maybe just one more.

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