"Cheers" Any Friend of Diane's (TV Episode 1982) Poster

(TV Series)


Shelley Long: Diane Chambers



  • Diane Chambers : [about her friend, Rebecca]  Sam. That woman over there is a dear friend of mine. Now she is going through a very difficult period. So whatever she asks you, please, just say no.

    Sam Malone : [confused]  What?

    Diane Chambers : No.

    Rebecca Prout : [approaching Sam and Diane]  Diane?

    Diane Chambers : Yes?

    Rebecca Prout : Would you excuse us a moment?

    Diane Chambers : Fine.

    [as she leaves Sam and Rebecca alone, Diane emphatically mouths the word "no" to Sam] 

    Rebecca Prout : Would you object to joining me in my hotel room for a afternoon of wild animal passion?

    Sam Malone : [loudly so that Diane can hear]  No!

    [Diane nods her approval] 

    Sam Malone : What's your name?

    Rebecca Prout : Does it matter?

    Sam Malone : [loudly so that Diane can hear]  No!

  • [Rebecca is telling Diane about how sad she's been since she broke up with her boyfriend] 

    Rebecca Prout : I used to find enormous comfort translating Russian poetry.

    Diane Chambers : I know.

    Rebecca Prout : But no more. Even when I went back over my favorite, Karashnakov's "Another Christmas of Agony," it failed to soothe me.

    Rebecca Prout : [Reciting poem]  Mischa the dog lies dead in the bog. / The children cry over the carcass. / The mist chokes my heart, covers the mourners. / At least this year we eat.

    Diane Chambers : Well, if that didn't pick you up, I'm at a virtual loss.

  • Rebecca Prout : I'll never forget those long afternoons in the quad, drinking champagne, eating brioche with strawberry preserves, reading and talking Schopenhauer.

    Diane Chambers : Yeah, well, enough Schope talk.

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