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  • Diane waltzes into the bar full of cheer, announcing to Sam that she had a premonition that he would ask her to marry him today; he mocks her and laughs in her face. Superstitious Carla warns Sam not to test the fate of woman's intuition. Diane does whatever she can to set the mood for a proposal and Sam does everything he can to prove to Diane that he won't propose. When they're finally alone just prior to midnight, Sam states that her insistence is driving him nuts and adamantly states that he will never ask her to marry him again. When Diane comes to the realization that it might not happen, her tears start to flow which prompts Sam to ask her to marry him. She says no, again! For a split second, he dreams that he has murdered Diane and is on death row - he chases her out of the bar to perhaps do the deed?! The following day, we find that Diane has had Sam arrested for assault and battery, and has asked newly minted but inept lawyer Tom, who has finally passed the bar examine after umpteen tries, to be his lawyer. At the bail hearing, Diane walks with a cane into the courtroom with a brace around her neck. Sam denies even laying a hand on her. Despite the fact that the judge has waived bail and released Sam on his own recognizance, Diane feels the need to tell the court of their relationship and their proposal history. Suggested by Tom and agreed to by the judge, they can get themselves out of this entire situation if Sam just proposes to Diane again.



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  • Diane happily comes to work one day, telling Sam that she has a premonition that by the end of the day, he'll ask her to marry him. While Sam scoffs at such a thing, Carla warns Sam not to mock a woman's intuition.

    Later on as the bar closes, Diane sits waiting for Sam to ask her. However, Sam adamantly states he is never going to ask her...causing Diane to break down in tears. Sam attempts to ignore this, but her emotional state causes him to take pity on her, and ask if she'll marry him...only to have her tearfully answer 'no.'

    For a brief moment, Sam flashes to a vision of himself being led to the electric chair for killing Diane. Coming out of his 'flash,' Sam admits to Diane what he envisioned...as she quickly grabs her things and runs with Sam in hot pursuit.

    The next day, the gang at Cheers finds out that Diane has had Sam arrested for assault and battery.

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