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  • Frasier and Lilith are having a domestic spat, and Lilith is withholding sex. Frasier is going a little stir crazy because of it. Woody is having a spat in name only with 'Larry Bird' of the Boston Celtics who is originally from French Lick, Indiana, from where people of Hanover, Indiana are considered the dufuses of the state. Hanover residents have the same opinion of French Lick residents. With the rest of the gang, they're preparing for the next contest with Gary's Olde Towne Tavern, namely a three-on-three basketball game of bar employees. Gary "hires" a couple of extremely tall ringers. Sam goes one step further and "hires" Boston Celtic, Kevin McHale. Sam tells Kevin that the game is for charity - an orphanage - to persuade him to do this for him. Because of the surety of winning, Sam bets Gary $5,000 on the game, Gary unaware that Kevin is Cheers' ringer. When Kevin ultimately finds out he was duped about the charity aspect of the game, he's mad but agrees to play if the $5,000 is donated to an orphanage. At the game, Cheers wipes out Gary's, but Woody also wipes out Kevin at the end of the game with what initially looks to be a severe ankle injury. The injury ends up being not bad. However the Celtics doctor comes to the bar the next day with news that Kevin's injury is season ending. Kevin's injury has an unexpected affect on the bet and the bar war with Gary.



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  • Frasier is in a dour mood, as Maris has been withholding sex from him.

    Meanwhile, Norm has been working behind the bar, as a way to be part of Sam's basketball team, that will go up against Gary of 'Gary's Olde Town Tavern.' The guys assume they'll have a chance, until Gary stops by with two guys at lest 6 1/2 ft tall.

    Sam then attempts to get Larry Bird to join their team, but Woody refuses to play with Bird, as he is from a town near Hanover, Indiana, and Bird has been known to make some bad jokes about Woody's hometown.

    Sam then attempts to get Kevin McHale. However, when Kevin claims he isn't interested, they convince him that the money they are playing for in the game, will go to a local charity.

    Kevin agrees, and on the day of the game, Kevin helps Woody and Norm out greatly...until Kevin suffers a small injury, stopping the game.

    The next day, a doctor comes by the bar, claiming that Kevin's injury has taken him out of the Celtic's

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