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  • Da Vinci, Kosmo and Leary are called to a moored boat where a dead body was found. On board the boat is a one tonne cache of marijuana. The boat belongs to an old friend of Leary's, the deceased, his best friend from public school, Will Summers. Leary knows that Will had been smuggling dope for years. After he gets the news about Will, Will's father makes a special request to Leary. Chick provides the investigators with some ideas of where the marijuana was headed. Brian, with Marla at his side, tries to insinuate himself into the investigation. They have a chat with Will's girlfriend, Lila Tuan, the chat with ulterior motives. With continuing investigations, Brian builds up a case against Sue with Internal. Finn, in turn, tells Kurtz where his investigation is headed. With the Roy Cardinale case, Da Vinci has a discussion with Crown Counsel William Chen to see what's happening with possible charges. And Constable Rosario has a "friendly" chat with John Dunne's firefighter father, inferring that fire and police need to stick together. Regardless, Phil Rosen has a case file on Rosario regarding past deeds, the file which he shares with Da Vinci who wants to investigate more officially. With the hit and run case, the investigation takes a turn when Monty Wilson, the car thief, recants his story, specifically about from where he stole the Mayor's car. With all these continuing investigations, word slowly makes the rounds amongst the investigators about known and supposed high powered interference. On other fronts, Jacobs and Kurtz's professional allegiance takes a turn toward the personal. Kosmo becomes a homeowner. And Shannon says two tearful goodbyes.



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  • Thats why they call it a conspiracy. Da Vinci, Leary and Kosmo are called out in the middle of the night to a fishing boat which has been found packed with cannibis and with a dead body floating nearby. It turns out that Leary knows the boat and Will, its owner and the victim, and that Will is a major smuggler of cannibis who had long ago extricated himself from the hands-on side of operations. Leary is thus baffled at the situation they have found. Curtis turns up and tries to interfere but Leary sends him away, however, he has a contact in one of Wills girlfriends, Lila, and sends Marla to speak to her. Marla finds a stash of money at Lilas apartment and offers to split it with her instead of reporting it. Meanwhile, Dino Rosario has a word with John Dunnes father, who is a fireman with many friends in the police. Soon after, going over is statement with Downtown Eastside lawyer Phil Rosen, John changes his story about the night that Roy Cardinale died. Zack McNab becomes frustrated when Monty, the dealer who stole the Majors car, changes his story and said he stole it from the Mayors home after all. Monty is also accusing McNab of coercing him into admitting stealing the car. Jacobs encourages Kurtz to get Shannon out on the early retirement package. McNab complains to Shannon that he too has been offered the package and they wonder if they have been singled out. Jacobs listens to Dino and Glorias account of the night Cardinale died and suspends them for six weeks. Kosmo gets the keys to her new house. Shannon, McNab and Da Vinci get together and discuss the coincidences of Bill Jacobs, the Mayor and Norton being in the same place the day before Jacobs is announced as Police Chief. Curtis passes on Lilas details to Kosmo. Kurtz defends Kosmo to Joe Finn. Sue is hanging out at Angelas new house but gets freaked out when the lights go out. Bob Kelly advises Da Vinci to lay off his conspiracy theories. Shannon learns that his wife has died.

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