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"Ye're not going to get my gold!"
ShadeGrenade30 March 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Alone one evening in his undertaker's parlour, Frazer gleefully counts his magnificent collection of gold sovereigns. Their existence is a secret to everyone in the world but himself.

An unexpected visitor - Dr.McCeavedy - upsets the box, scattering the coins all over the floor. Frazer's secret is out. Suddenly he finds himself the centre of attention in Walmington. Everyone wants the gold for different reasons. The vicar wishes Frazer would offer to help pay for church repairs. Mainwaring wants Frazer to use the coins to buy an annuity, on which he himself will receive commission.

Desperate to get the lot of them off his back, the wily Frazer devises a clever plan...

'The Miser's Hoard' was one of the last 'Dad's Army' episodes to be made, and if nothing else proves that the show was still punching its weight. John Laurie is in good form, the scene where he warns Mainwaring to keep away from his money earns him a well-deserved round of applause. Another great Scottish actor - Fulton Mackay from 'Porridge' - appears, in the role of 'Dr.McCeavedy'.

If it strikes you as odd that someone should prefer to keep their money in their own home, where it can easily be stolen, rather than place it in the safety of a bank vault, let me just point out that it was not uncommon for elderly people to do this, and not just in the 1940's either. When my grandmother passed on in 1977, she left behind a total of £1000 in used notes at the back of her wardrobe. Quite a lot of old people simply do not trust banks, particularly foreign-owned ones. Coupled with Fraser's distrust of banks is a natural dislike of Mainwaring himself.

Funniest moment - Mainwaring opening Frazer's treasure box, and finding nothing but a brick inside. "Yon vicar can have that for the church!", says Frazer, with contempt.

Great episode.
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