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Things aren't always as they seem...
MartinHafer17 December 2013
Although IMDb lists "Fair Exchange" as the fifth episode of "The Secret Agent", it comes third on the DVDs from A&E Video. This could be a mistake by IMDb but I strongly suspect it's because A&E made the mistake. This is because I've watched other series by them and they showed complete indifference about presenting the shows in the proper order!

Lelia Goldoni plays Lisa, a British agent who had been captured and tortured by an East German agent, Pohlman. Now it's odd that they'd cast Goldoni, as she clearly has an American accent. Regardless, she comes to Drake asking for help--as SOMEONE is chasing her. Soon you find that she is being chased--by British Intelligence who want to stop her. This is because Goldoni is bent on killing Pohlman and they want to stop her because this will no doubt heat up the Cold War. But, through the course of the show, you realize that things aren't as they seem--there is SOMETHING else going on here.

This is a good episode of "Secret Agent". There's plenty of action, plot twists and intrigue. As usual, Drake manages to outsmart everyone and avoid killing.
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