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A nice new look...though it IS a bit late!
MartinHafer1 May 2014
The final two episodes of "Secret Agent" are, inexplicably, in full color. They look very nice--but it is odd that they even bothered at this point in the series. And, to make them look even better, some crew was sent to Japan to film lots of exterior shots. So, it is a striking looking show. As for the plot itself, however, it's only fair and the show is STILL slightly below average. It isn't helped that some of the studio shots are obviously fake (with an obvious wooden cutout skyline). So what IS Drake doing in Japan? Well, apparently some Japanese organization is planning on assassinating someone at the UN and he needs to sort it all out. On hand is Bert Kwouk as a bit of comic relief and there is some really dull Kibuki as well, but otherwise nothing really to note other than the new look to the show.
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