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hellraiser78 February 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Warning Do Not Read Unless Seen Episode.

This is one of the saddest episodes I've ever seen, let alone darkest series finales ever. Though on a scientific standpoint it makes sense since the dinos at some point went extinct. The episode is kinda similar to the film "Testiment" where in that film it was about the final days of mankind, this one is on the dinosaurs. As a kid this episode really made me cry which was something I rarely do.

Everything just practically goes downhill fast as the company Earl works for fraks up bad. Their first mistake was building some sort of factory over the mating ground of a species. This ground is important for this species because it would mean plenty of offspring to get rid of a certain amount of plant life that grows in abundance in the season.

Despite the problems mounting Earl and anyone else working for the company are so seduced by technology and greed, Earl unfortunately ignores people talking sense (mainly his own children) but worst of all his own better judgement. This unfortunately is true in most cases where we want to pay attention to our own petty wants, instead of taking a step back and realizing we have everything we already need. Though in Earl's defence his motives weren't selfish, he had good intentions as he was just trying to make life for his family even better, but as an old saying goes "The road to hell is paved with good intentions." Earl has taken some giant steps and the tragedy is it's too late to turn back.

Things go from bad to worse, obviously the company and even Earl don't know their science, obviously their flunking. When they try to solve the plant problem by spraying gas they also killed all plant life and may've also contaminated the soil, this of course means famine. Then of course B.P. Richfield as usual makes a bad suggestion where they bomb all the volcanoes in the world to create clouds to produce rain.

Earl and the rest comply and oh boy they really pay the price when this plan backfires as the volcano shoots out sulfur which blocks out the sun and creates cold and darkness. I can't help but feel what happens with B.P. in the end is sorta poetic justice, despite making a big profit from his actions it's all worthless; as an old saying goes "Money talks, bullcrap walks." In B.P.'s case it was a walk straight to hell.

The final monologue Earl delivers to the family at the end is haunting it really made me tear up, he wasn't just talking to the family but he was talking to us, warning us about the overreliance on technology, dangers of progress, unregulated consumption, and taking nature for granted. Some of the final words really choked me up from seeing Earl and the rest of the family comforting Baby, you even saw it in their eyes they know exactly what coming which is the end. It's all the more heartbreaking as you realize Baby, Robbie, and Charline's futures have been lost, along with many other young dinos out there.

After that monologue was over, hearing the tragic haunting music and that pan away from their house I just broke down and cried; because at that moment I know the Sinclair's were gone. But it then also pans back to the sign of the company, it's the tombstone of the Dinosaurs and theirs going to be one of our own if we continue on unwisely.

So appreciate what you have while you still have it, because once it's gone, it's gone forever.

Rating: 4 stars
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