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Billie Piper: Rose Tyler



  • The Doctor : What have you done?

    Rose Tyler : I looked into the TARDIS and the TARDIS looked into me.

    The Doctor : You looked into the time vortex, Rose, nobody is supposed to see that!

    Emperor Dalek : This is the abomination!

    Dalek : Exterminate!

    [Dalek shoots at her with its laser, but Rose lifts up her hand and stops it, reversing it back into the Dalek, the Doctor looks on in surprise] 

    Rose Tyler : I am the Bad Wolf. I create myself. I take the words...

    [Rose lifts her hand and takes the words from the Bad Wolf Corporation sign] 

    Rose Tyler : ...I scatter them, in time and space.

    [the words float off away from them] 

    Rose Tyler : A message, to lead myself here.

    The Doctor : Rose, you've got to stop this, you've got to stop this now! You've got the entire vortex running through your head! You're gonna burn!

    Rose Tyler : I want you safe, my Doctor. Protected from the false God.

    Emperor Dalek : You cannot hurt me. I am immortal.

    Rose Tyler : You are tiny. I can see the whole of time and space, every single atom of your existence, and I divide them.

    [Rose lifts her hand again, the Dalek that tried to shoot her disappears in an explosion of golden dust] 

    Rose Tyler : Everything must come to dust. All things, everything dies.

  • The Doctor : Rose Tyler. I was gonna take you to so many places. Barcelona. Not the city Barcelona, the planet Barcelona. You'll love it, fantastic place, they've got dogs with no noses!


    The Doctor : Imagine how many times a day you end up telling that joke, and it's still funny!

    Rose Tyler : Then, why can't we go?

    The Doctor : Maybe you will, and maybe I will, but not like this.

    Rose Tyler : [standing up]  You're not making sense.

    The Doctor : I might never make sense again! I might have two heads! Or no head! Imagine me with no head - and don't say that's an improvement.

    [Rose smiles] 

    The Doctor : But it's a bit dodgy, this process.

    [her smile fades] 

    The Doctor : You never know what you're gonna end up with.

    [a flash of light and the Doctor doubles over in pain] 

    Rose Tyler : Doctor!

    The Doctor : Stay away!

    Rose Tyler : Doctor, tell me what's going on.

    The Doctor : I absorbed all the energy of the time vortex and no one's meant to do that. Every cell in my body's dying.

    Rose Tyler : Can't you do something?

    The Doctor : Yeah, I'm doing it now... Time Lords have this little trick, it's sort of a way of cheating death, except, it means I'm gonna change. And I'm not gonna see you again, not like this, not with this daft old face. And before I go...

    Rose Tyler : Don't say that!

    The Doctor : Rose, before I go I just wanna tell you - you were fantastic... absolutely fantastic... and d'you know what?

    [Rose shakes her head] 

    The Doctor : So was I.

    [they both smile at each other for the last time before he is engulfed in light] 

  • The Doctor : [hologram, speaking towards the console]  This is Emergency Programme One. Rose, now listen, this is important. If this message is activated, then it can only mean one thing: we must be in danger, and I mean fatal. I'm dead, or about to die any second with no chance of escape.

    Rose Tyler : No!

    The Doctor : And that's OK, I hope it's a good death. But I promised to look after you, and that's what I'm doin'. The TARDIS is takin' you home.

    Rose Tyler : I won't let you.

    The Doctor : And I bet you're fussing and moaning now, typical. But hold on, and just listen a bit more. The TARDIS can never return for me. Emergency Programme One means I'm facing an enemy that should never get their hands on this machine. So this is what you should do: let the TARDIS die. Just let this old box gather dust. No one can open it, no one will even notice it. Let it become a strange little thing standing on a street corner. And over the years, the world will move on, and the box will be buried. And if you wanna remember me, then you can do one thing. That's all, one thing.

    The Doctor : [hologram turns to face Rose, and with a full voice]  Have a good life. Do that for me, Rose. Have a fantastic life.

  • Rose Tyler : The time war ends.

    Emperor Dalek : I will not die! I cannot diieee!

    [we see Rose's eyes light up, and the Dalek Emperor and his entire fleet disappear in an explosion of golden dust] 

    The Doctor : Rose, you've done it, now stop.

    [Rose stares straight ahead] 

    The Doctor : Just let go.

    Rose Tyler : How can I let go of this? I bring life.

    [we see Jack start breathing again and open his eyes] 

    The Doctor : But this is wrong! You can't control life and death!

    Rose Tyler : But I can. The sun and the moon, the day and night... but why do they hurt?

    [she is crying] 

    The Doctor : The power's gonna kill you and it's my fault!

    Rose Tyler : I can see everything... all that is... all that was... all that ever could be.

    The Doctor : [stands up]  But that's what *I* see. All the time. And doesn't it drive you mad?

    Rose Tyler : [Rose nods, barely able to speak]  My head...

    The Doctor : Come here.

    Rose Tyler : ...is killing me.

    The Doctor : I think you need a Doctor.

    [He leans down and kisses her, and the golden light transfers from her to him through their lips] 

  • Rose Tyler : You don't just give up. You don't just let things happen. You make a stand. You say "no"! You have the guts to do what's right when everyone else just runs away!

  • Dalek #1 : You know The Doctor. You understand him. You will predict his actions.

    Rose : I don't know! And even if I did I wouldn't tell ya.

    Dalek #1 : Predict! Predict!


    Dalek #1 : Predict!

    Dalek #2 : TARDIS detected, in-flight.

    Dalek #1 : Launch missiles. Exterminate!

    Rose : You can't! The TARDIS hasn't got any defences, you're gonna kill him!

    Dalek #1 : You have predicted correctly!

  • Emperor Dalek : We have your associate. You will obey, or she will be exterminated.

    The Doctor : No.

    Emperor Dalek : Explain yourself.

    The Doctor : I said "no."

    Emperor Dalek : What is the meaning of this negative?

    The Doctor : It means "no."

    Emperor Dalek : But she will be destroyed.

    The Doctor : No! Because this is what I'm gonna do - I'm gonna rescue her. I'm gonna save Rose Tyler from the middle of the Dalek fleet. And then, I'm gonna save the Earth. And then, just to finish off, I'm gonna wipe every last stinking Dalek outta the sky!

    Emperor Dalek : But you have no weapons, no defenses, no plan.

    The Doctor : Yeah, and doesn't that just scare you to death? Rose!

    Rose Tyler : [on monitor]  Yes, Doctor?

    The Doctor : I'm coming to get you.

    [turns off signal with sonic screwdriver] 

  • Emperor Dalek : We waited here in the dark space, damaged but rebuilding. Centuries passed and we quietly infiltrated the systems of Earth, harvesting the waste of humanity: the prisoners, the refugees, the dispossessed; they all came to us. The bodies were filleted, pulped, sifted. The seed of the human race is perverted. Only one cell in a billion was fit to be nurtured.

    The Doctor : So you created an army of Daleks out of the dead.

    Rose Tyler : That makes them, half human.

    Emperor Dalek : [shouts]  Those words are blasphemy!

    Dalek #1 : Do not blaspheme!

    Dalek #2 : Do not blaspheme! Do not blaspheme!

    Emperor Dalek : Everything human has been purged. I cultivated pure and blessed Dalek.

    The Doctor : Since when did the Daleks have a concept of blasphemy?

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