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Pretty good up until the epilogue
MartinHafer1 December 2009
Warning: Spoilers
This is a generally good episode, though I have three complaints I'll air at the end. This time, "Dragnet" has Friday and Gannon working for Internal Affairs--the unit that investigates misconduct complaints concerning the officers. A lady (Virginia Gregg) alleges that two detectives stole $800 from a dead man. The officers vigorously deny it when questioned but they can't find the notebook that proves they are correct--as it had a receipt in it for $200 signed by the complainant. The lady alleges that it was $1000 and that the officers pocked the rest. Eventually, Friday gets to the heart of the case and proves conclusively that one of them is lying--tune in and see for yourself.

While this is a very entertaining show, my complaints are that the episode was essentially a retooling of an earlier one ("Internal Affairs - DR-20"). What makes this worse is that DR-20 aired only a season before this one. The other two problems concern Ms. Gregg and her character. First, her Southern accent seemed too much--coming off as a bit fake. Second, the epilogue does not resolve one of the most important questions every viewer had when they saw it--what penalty did the person receive for lying to the board?! Surely they didn't just drop this. This made the show seem very incomplete. However, because it was generally enjoyable otherwise, it's still worth seeing.
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