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House of Cards (#1.21)
ComedyFan201024 November 2014
Warning: Spoilers
A very well done episode as every story kept one interested. I specially liked Peter bringing his mom to the nursing home Him telling her and her getting into the car was so sad. Beah Richards did great acting in the episode.

I also like how they continue with Dr. Greene's struggle about the lost patient. His issues with it and the way everyone around tries to help him dealing with it is very well done.

Also great to see Chloe back, we'll see how it goes now, I assume she will have the baby soon. Another thing to look forward is what deb will do now. I am sure she will stay in medicine but it might be a good storyline. Was nice to see crater trying to help her, they will become more friends than competitors now.

The two old ladies with the dog who mixed up the glasses was a pretty cute story, made one really laugh.
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