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The One With The Golf Mentoring...
taylorkingston3 October 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I enjoyed this episode. It's a nice end to the season. It's not one of my all-time favorite episodes from the series, or even this season, but it's still worth a watch.

In this episode, Chris starts neglecting his responsibilities, which infuriates Peter. Peter tries to teach him to be more mature by getting him a job as a ball collector at the driving range. It's so funny. He gets hit by golf balls. But when Peter finds out that Cleveland's son can hit the golf balls really well, Peter starts mentoring him, which makes Chris feel neglected.

Overall, I give this episode an 8 out of 10, which in my ratings book is: Awesome.
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Some consider it the worst episode, while I just think it's boring.
worstmusicoftheyear7 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Several people, including Seth himself, have claimed this as the worst episode in Family Guy history. Is that true? No, but it is a boring stain on what is a mostly amazing season 2. (I recommend checking out "Brian In Love," the most underrated episode of Season 2.) The episode starts out with an admittedly funny scene where Peter sprays his house with a fire hydrant hose in an attempt to combine three jobs into one. He ruins several windows in the process, causing Lois to kick Peter and his friends (Cleveland and Joe) and their respective kids (I don't know all of their names, so let's call them "Chris," "Joe junior," and "Cleveland junior")

They decide to go out camping and fishing, where Peter FINALLY realizes that he's raised Chris completely wrong and that he's a terrible father. There was a scene where Joe junior was told to go shoot a fish that got away which I thought was pretty funny, so that's 2 funny moments so far. Chris later gets a job at a driving range, and he gets a large paycheck because "everyone wants to hit the fat kid with golf balls," causing ball sales to go through the roof. Chris, proud of his accomplishment, shows his father who drives by in a golf cart with Cleveland junior, who he recently discovered is really good at golf. Peter completely ignores Chris, and focuses only on Cleveland junior's accomplishments, claiming that he's trying to be a good father. I hate this moment, honestly.

I also happen to hate a large chunk of Season 5 of Family Guy because, other than it just being a really boring season, a lot of jokes are overly mean-spirited and just flat out don't work. There was one scene in an episode from season five where Peter and his rich friend filled out adoption papers for a kid and didn't let the kid into the car, which actually made me want to kill Seth McFarline for a short amount of time. The mean-spiritedness of this moment in the episode makes Fore Father seem more like a decent Season 5 episode than it does a bad Season 2 episode.

The rest of the episode is just forgettable, even after 2 viewings. The episode will not make you laugh that much, and has a total of about four funny moments, which is NOT ENOUGH for an episode of the amazing season 2. Overall the episode gets a 5.5/10. It's not terrible, but, for Family Guy, it's not up to the expected standards of quality.
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