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  • School bully Willie Fuffner has his eye on Laura, who wants nothing to do with the guy that is intimidating others, including Greg, the guy Laura really wants - to the dating sidelines. Urkel tries to stick up for Laura, and he and Willy get into a fight at school and the gym teacher decides that - instead of referring them to the principal - they should fight it out in the boxing ring! Carl gives Urkel a few pointers, but gets plenty of black eyes instead. On fight day, Urkel holds his own ... temporarily. Just when Fuffner is about to deliver the knockout punch, Greg challenges the bully to a fight. Fuffner accepts, but then other boys decide to fight back and eventually outnumber the bully, who decides to run.


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  • Laura has plans to ask Greg Hudson, a nice boy in her class, to go to the Sadie Hawkins Dance with her after she turned down Urkel's invitation to go with her. Instead of repeatedly begging her to go to the dance with him, Steve makes a deal if Greg flakes out on her(although it wouldn't happen), he'll be waiting for her with his Uncle Ernie and his decked out horse trailer. Laura agrees to the deal with him.

    The next day, Vanderbuilt Middle School's resident bully and locker looter, Willie Fuffner, along with his dim-witted sidekick, Waldo Faldo, try to break into Urkel's locker to trash it. However, his alarm system alerts him forcing both boys to run. Steve confronts the two about violating his property, but he gets no support from the students. Munutes later, Laura shows up and asks Greg out immediately. However, upon seeing Willie, he refuses and she leaves as he tries to explain himself. This causes Urkel to confront him and tells him he was a fool to refuse her invitiation. Greg reveals to Steve he'd love to go with Laura, but Willie won't even let him. He mentions a while back she insulted Fuffner by refusing to go out with him to the Sadie Hawkins Dance, when he asked her at the time. Steve is proud of her for standing up for herself. Greg also reveals that Willie's antagonizing her by threatening to beat him and the rest of her prospect dates up if they defy him by showing up to the dance with her. Urkel asks him if Fuffner has plans to make Laura go alone. Greg says even worse and reveals Willie has plans to make her the laughingstock of the entire student body by forcing her to go with Steve as payback for refusing to be his date.

    Urkel is irate and confronts Willie for forcing Laura to go to the dance with him and cites that it was despicable on his part. Fuffner takes it as a compliment and ends up being insulted when Steve slaps him with a mitten. Waldo warns him to be careful because he has another one. Soon after, the student body is cheering for both Urkel and Willie when they get into a big fight at school, while his co-hort is trying to pull them apart. It isn't long before Coach Redding shows up and breaks it up by threatening to take both boys to Principal Shimata's office. Instead of taking the sensible route and making the two apologize, he makes an appointment for the two to meet in the boxing ring at Silver's Gym(with proper supervision)! Steve and Willie agree to meet on that day.

    At Silver's Gym, Carl spends part of the episode giving Urkel a few pointers, but the results are what you'd expect.

    In the Winslow's home, Carl is less than thrilled to meet Estelle's new boyfriend, Fletcher Thomas after she comes home. They get into a few fights with each other and she convinces him to give him a chance.

    Come Saturday morning at Silver's Gym, Greg greets Laura and her family, but she refuses to talk to him. When he asked her why not, she reveals that she's irritated over the fact that Steve, unlike the other guys, was the only one that was brave enough to stand up to Willie. Seconds later, Fuffner comes in with Waldo and the crowd immediately boos him as he makes his way in the ring. Then Urkel shows up decked out in a colorful robe a with Eddie and Carl and the crowd cheers. Coach Redding is the announcer and referree for the No Holds Bar Match-Up between Urkel and Fuffner. Of course, Willie quickly gains the upper hand, and it isn't long before he has the nerd seeing visions of multiple Lauras! Shortly thereafter, Laura declares she's seen enough and tells Willie what she thinks of him.

    Finally, Greg is inspired by Urkel's bravery in not ceding to Willie that he stands up by challenging to fight him after he gets finished with Urkel. This is because he's fed up with Fuffner for sending him and the others to the sidelines. Willie accepts the invitation, and takes Greg up on his subsequent offer. Then, he forced to reconsider his offer as every other guy on the stands irate anf fed up as well, gets up to face him. Willie and Waldo run off and Carl declares Urkel wins with principle. Greg asks Laura to the dance, but she declines his offer. She decides to attend the dance with Steve anyway since he was the only one who stood up and defended her decision to date the other guys.

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