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Too predictable
stones7814 January 2016
Even though this was a decent episode with several familiar faces, I just about had both stories figured out minutes into both of them. The faces include Kim Darby, Vic Morrow(who would die in a tragic accident only 5 months later), Larry Linville, Dick Sargent, Jane Powell, and Royal Dano. I won't spoil how either story concluded, but you'll figure it out. I still thought they were both done rather well, and I thought Darby and Linville had some chemistry together. One cool moment had the island become a snowy fortress, with a Christmas tune playing in the background, much to Mr. Roarke's chagrin; after all, Linville(Joe the genie)had to grant this particular wish! Morrow played a snob convincingly, even though it's hard watching him knowing what cruel fate happened to him shortly while filming another movie. I don't need to get into it, you can look it up. Anyway, my biggest qualm was how predictable both stories became, and that dampened my overall feel for the episode.
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