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  • Gag writer Jerry Burton, about to be fired by his famous-comedian boss Danny Baker, wants to become a star comic himself; and invalid Sandy Larson meets her prison-bound pen pal Mike Banning face to face for the first time.

  • A guy who writes the material for a famous comedian wants to be one himself but has a little stage fright and his boss doesn't like competition. A woman bound to a wheelchair has a pen pal who is a convict but when he stops writing she becomes despondent and would like to hear from him again. And when the man is being transported by plane, the plane develops mechanical trouble and lands on the island. The Marshall in charge of the man, is told by Roarke to uncuff him which he begrudgingly does. So the two pen pals meet.


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  • "The Comic": Jerry Burton has been a writer for hot comic Danny Baker for eight years. Now he wants to make a name for himself as a comedian. Mr. Roarke arranges for him to make his debut at a local watering hole. But the bar is closed down because of a brawl, and Mr. Roarke instead gives him a slot in a local talent roundup. Certain that Danny -- the MC of the show -- will ruthlessly cut him down when he appears onstage, Jerry balks. But when Danny is stranded in a boat offshore, Jerry has to take his place as MC...and bombs. In the middle of his sagging routine, Danny comes in and, to Jerry's astonishment, joins him onstage, for what turns out to be the debut of the comedy team of Baker and Burton. "The Golden Hour": Linda Larson brings her wheelchair-bound sister, Sandy, to the island to meet a pen pal. The catch is that said pen pal is in prison and about to be transferred to Leavenworth from a Japanese prison. The plane carrying the prisoner, Michael Banning, has engine trouble over Fantasy Island and lands there. Mr. Roarke takes the opportunity to introduce Michael and Sandy to each other. Only then does Michael learn that Sandy is in a wheelchair. Sandy, depressed because Michael stopped writing three months before, is upset that he knows about the wheelchair now. Michael, meantime, has escape on his mind. After a botched attempt to make a break for it, he and Sandy really start to talk, and in fits and starts they fall in love. For the first time Sandy manages to walk a few steps, and then Michael finds that he may be paroled soon. They rejoice: "No more mailman!"

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