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This show can be so funny and so touching at the same time
SleepTight66612 July 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Another excellent episode that turned out better than I remembered. This show can be so funny and so touching at the same time. This episode however was leaning more towards the drama.

We continue Neal's storyline, he gets a dummy to impress girls but is having a big mouth at school and to people in general. He is mad at his dad for cheating on his mom. This episode introduces (sadly for only one episode) Barry. He is Neal's brother, a very nice guy who has a history with Lindsay. They would make a cute couple. Neal insults his dad at the party and tells his mom about the cheating, which turns out that Neal was the last to know of the whole family.

The freaks storyline appeals more to me, it has Daniel breaking up with Kim and posing as a punker dude. Is it weird to completely love the music and his hair/clothing style? Franco is one handsome guy. Of course, the realized that it is not for him and crawls back to Kim crying. I thought it was a cute scene.

All around another strong episode with a very cute ending. I can't believe it's only three more episodes.
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call themselves punkers..
Arth_Joshi5 May 2019
Freaks And Geeks

Feig's everlasting comic classic is a tour de force of art when it comes to set an example of cutting through the dogmatic commercial views. The passionate bulletproof love of Paul Feig, the creator, for the 80s is a profound poetry that is visible in his keen eye on the details of the conversations. From references that SHOULD come in handy to the complete makeover in their vocab that shines light on the journey that warps us back a couple of decades ago, Judd Apatow and Feig has created an ultimate teenage treasure where each cast is so invested and reflective in their performance that they have managed to make it big easily in their later days.

But despite of having such an absorbing performance from the cast members, even the younger cast that shows you the range which is not usually something you get to see, I would once again jump back to Feig's smoothness in his flaws. And he does have it, and it seems like he too knows it and embraces it in a way that the storytelling grows friction less and pulls out a much more meaningful and powerful note that it outweighs the flaws or distractions on the script.

This depiction of rebellious teenager and the lost-warrior-alike parents of theirs, in a rapidly evolving era has honesty in balancing the world- even the elders or teachers are humane, just as James Franco says once, "These old people also have bad people among them." Take the parents, for instance, each of our teenager hosts have some baggage in their house and as the series ages, the perspective changes and the three dimensional characters finally reveals and accepts all the sides of themselves, where you then, exhale victoriously as Feig explains or more correctly metaphorically notions the very existence or origin of these Freaks And Geeks that we all root for.

Noshing And Moshing

It is safe and probably why creates a jarring impact with excellent execution and editing, and fortunately it never grows funny even when there is humor involved, it shows how powerful the dramatic content is, that it never lets it take over.
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Noshing and Moshing (#1.15)
ComedyFan201020 February 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Neal has trouble dealing with his father cheating. He thinks of telling his brother and mother. At the end it turns out he was the last to know. Daniel tries to get into the punk scene but at the end comes back to Kim.

Poor Neal. They made this story pretty good with showing how much he struggled. Including his performance scene. The only one who didn't see how troublesome it was was Harold because he was drunk and fount it funny, and this made us laugh too. But the scenes of conversation of Neal and his brother as well as his mother were very touching and well done.

They did also a good story about Daniel. One could fit all the way how he doesn't fit in there. It was a nice scene of him getting back to Kim.
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"See? I told you that thing would take him over!"
Mr-Fusion3 January 2018
There's no such thing as a weak episode of "Freaks and Geeks", but there is an inferior storyline. In 'Noshing and Moshing', it's Daniel's fall-out with Kim and his subsequent turn to hardcore punk in search for acceptance. The entire sequence fin the club just drags everything down. The music, the characters, none of it works for me.

It's Neil's side of things that really does work, as the show picks up the threads of his dad's infidelity. It's not just Neil that's affected, but Sam as well. Children are being asked to keep a secret from their elders, and the emotional toll is heartbreaking. The magic of this show is in the way the hard parts are laced with humor, and it's always a treat because of this.

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