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Jerry sets out to become 'Sirs' successor.
Scaramouche200421 August 2006
Warning: Spoilers
'Sir' is retiring and he is throwing a special dinner party and inviting his three most likely successors and their wives. He plans to go out with a bang, by letting the candidates battle it out in a game of wits and ass licking rather than just choose his man outright.

Dalby his first proposed successor, has learnt boardroom facts and figures mentally, and tries every opportunity to slip them into the conversation.

Snetterton his next choice, just tries to make his impression by pure undiluted creeping. He is without doubt the most loathsome of the lot.

Jerry however, has prepared an in-depth impressive report on how well the company would expand should he take over the reins.

However problems arise when Jerry, just as he was about to lay this proposal in 'Sirs' lap realises that he has lost his much prized report and he could only have lost it in Tom and Barbara's garden.

Tom and Barbara meanwhile have sorted out their weaving problem and are now in full cloth production, which Barbara then dyes using nettles.

Tom finds Jerry's report, and sets off in his new gaudy slime green suit to find Jerry before its too late.
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