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Lisa Edelstein: Dr. Lisa Cuddy


  • Dr. Lisa Cuddy : The nurses were concerned and they called me. There was evidence of abuse; you took a big legal risk by not calling Social Services.

    Dr. Gregory House : Those parents were not abusive, they're idiots.

    Dr. Lisa Cuddy : Oh, well that's certainly a relief.

  • Edward Vogler : Gregory House is a symbol of everything wrong with the healthcare industry. Waste, insubordination, doctors preening like they're kings and the hospital their own private fiefdom. Healthcare is a business. I'm gonna run it like one. I hereby move to revoke the tenure of Dr. Gregory House and terminate his employment at this hospital, effective immediately.

    Female Boardmember : Don't you think we should discuss this...

    Edward Vogler : We just did.

    Dr. Lisa Cuddy : We need time.

    Edward Vogler : The vote is on the table. All in favor?

    [after a few moments of silence, one of the board members raises his hand and the rest of the board members follow suit except for Cuddy and Wilson. Cuddy stares at Vogler, who stares back at her, and she sighs and raises her hand] 

    Edward Vogler : Dr. Wilson?

    Dr. James Wilson : Opposed?

    Edward Vogler : The motion is defeated. Dr. Wilson, would you mind leaving the room, please?

    Dr. James Wilson : Excuse me?

    Edward Vogler : We're gonna take another vote.

    Dr. James Wilson : Well, first of all, you can't void my vote by making me stand in the hallway. And second, you should check the by-laws. You need notice and at least one business day before you can reconsider any matter.

    Edward Vogler : We're voting on a different matter which you are... conflicted out of.

    Dr. James Wilson : How can I be conflicted?

    Edward Vogler : This vote is whether to dismiss Dr. James Wilson.

  • Dr. Lisa Cuddy : You are a great doctor, House, but you are not worth $100 million.

  • Dr. Lisa Cuddy : [When the board is voting to fire House, but Cuddy refuses to vote]  I can't do it.

    Edward Vogler : You can't abstain.

    Dr. Lisa Cuddy : I'm not abstaining. I'm voting no.

    Edward Vogler : You've changed your mind since yesterday? What did he do, buy you dinner and roses? Threaten to drown your dog?

    Dr. Lisa Cuddy : He did his job.

    Edward Vogler : Right. He saved another life.

    Dr. Lisa Cuddy : Maybe.

    Edward Vogler : Good for him. It's great. It's not the point.

    Dr. Lisa Cuddy : It's what we do.

    Edward Vogler : And you could do it a lot better if you didn't have to worry about some madman running around the hospital accountable to no one!

    Dr. Lisa Cuddy : But that's not the choice you're giving us.

    Edward Vogler : House won't listen to anyone...

    Dr. Lisa Cuddy : And you're not accountable to anybody, either! Because you think you own us.

  • Dr. Lisa Cuddy : [to the board]  If you think House deserves to go, if you think I deserve to go, Wilson deserved to go, then vote yes, but if you're doing this because you are afraid of losing his money, then he's right! He does own you. You have a choice. Maybe the last real one you'll have here.

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