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Second part of the NCIS introduction, spinning out of JAG
hindsonevansmike20 January 2019
With Harm under arrest, Chegwidden had to hand the prosecution and defence caseloads to JAG officers who are not local and have (as fas as possible) no "history" with Harm.

This means that his defence is handed to a Navy LtCdr - Faith Coleman. This was another under-developed character, played with earnest seriousness by Alicia Coppola. The character has been extensively (and accurately) described in Fanfiction as "an anally-retentive with OCD, who cannot start her day without a full box of sharp pencils".

Gibbs and the NCIS team have been pressured to secure a prosecution then get out to the Mediterranean to "crack" a terrorist (this was 2003, remember, with 11/09/2001 fresh in the American memory). With a little time to think, Gibbs tasks Abby Sciuto (who works with the prosecuting Marine Major) and Tony DiNozzo with looking more closely at the evidence which implicated Harm in Loren Singer's alleged murder.

End game; Gibbs cracks the terrorist (in my case, if someone threatened me with wine, I would become a little less accurate during interrogation!) and the terror plot is sunk.

A very youthful-looking Tony DiNozzo uses basic dogged police work and interrogation techniques to uncover (you'll understand the pun if you know Navy terminology!) the real killer (with an effective flashback to Loren Singer's death)

Everyone lives happily ever after - in the case of "JAG", for another two seasons and, in the case of "NCIS" up until today (review written in 2019).
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leroy jethro gibbs was wrong and not the first nor the last time
sandcrab2779 October 2019
Heavy handed ncis and gibbs get it all wrong....rabb never lies...it eventually shakes out in the end...... mark harmon is a smarmy turd and will always be one ....with the help he had, the case took far too long ...
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