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atmospheric and best of the four...
hamlet-163 December 2017
Jericho was such a curates egg. Brilliant acting ... good cogent stories spoiled by an artificial style ... a sort of faux Noire ... often murky camera .... ultra closeups and a sound design leading to difficult to hear dialogue. (A problem the BBC suffers from a lot)

That said, this is the best episode of the four that make up the series.

A chilling Peter Bowles ... a sympathetic and expertly measured performance by William Ash as Johnny are only two amongst a really fabulous set of performances.

If the final scenes do not get to you then you have no heart.

So be prepared... there are twists and twists....
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The runner with everything.....seemingly.
Sleepin_Dragon20 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Johnny Swan has the world at his feet, a handsome and wonderfully talented athlete at the top of his game, adoring fans, a close circle of friends. However, all that's seen on the surface masks what's really going on, in debt to criminal Fleming, and seemingly in a love triangle, with his recent bride Lizzie and best mate Peter Bridgewater. Tragedy strikes on the night of his honeymoon when Swan and Lizzie are discovered dead in their room, however when Jericho looks closer, it's not Swan, it's Peter laying dead in a pool of blood.

How on Earth did this show only last four episodes, this is a genuinely superb ninety minutes of drama. There is so much going on, but it's cohesive and easy to follow. A very engaging story, which is intriguing and character driven.

Outstanding performances all round, arguably the best thing I've ever seen Peter Bowles do, normally such a gentleman, he's menacing throughout, as is Brendan Coyle. William Ash is brilliant, such a talented actor, as is Laurence Fox. Mary Stockley, dazzling as ever also shines.

Just brilliant, why oh why did we only get four episodes, this was superb, 10/10
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