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  • Julian prepares to defend his throne against the vicious Kindred mobster Eddie Fiori. But a beautiful and captivating reporter,named Caitlin Byrne, distracts Julian. Frank gets way too close to the secret of the "Masquerade".


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  • The feud with the Brujah is escalating. Against Masquerade policy, Eddie Fiori has ordered the death of Boyle, an informant of Detective Kohanek. Fortunately for Eddie, the vote by the ruling primogens is split, and Eddie is not sentenced to final death.

    Julian has fallen in love with reporter Caitlin Byrne [Kelly Rutherford], a human who wants to do an article on him because he is wealthy, powerful, and unseen. In order to control her, Julian buys the San Francisco Times and appoints her as the editor. Lillie and Ventrue primogen Archon Raine [Patrick Bauchau] see Julian's relationship with Caitlin as a threat to the Masquerade.

    Meanwhile, Julian's only living relative, his great great granddaughter Sasha [Brigid Walsh], a human who appeared for the first time at the funeral of Julian's grandson and Sasha's grandfather and who is now living with 'Uncle' Julian, finds herself attracted to Cash. A rebel at heart, Sasha does not know that a relationship between herself and a Kindred is forbidden by Julian (in fact, she doesn't know that Julian is a vampire), who prides himself on the fact that he has a human bloodline as well as a Kindred bloodline. Not that Sasha would care what Uncle Julian says. She and Cash are falling in love, so she tricks Cash into taking her to The Haven, a Kindred nightclub owned by Lillie, using the ploy that Uncle Julian wants to meet her there. When Julian sees them together, he tells Cash to take Sasha home, along with a veiled threat warning Cash to stay away from her.

    Turns out that Sonny Toussaint is really in league with Julian, passing on information to Eddie as Julian dictates. Although Kohanek knows about the Masquerade as well as Julian's pledge to keep him safe, he doesn't know that Sonny is a vampire, too. [Synopsis by bj_kuehl]

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