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Towpaths of Glory - the murder of a military leader
safenoe16 October 2016
Warning: Spoilers
"Did he have any enemies? Morris Dancers!!!"

A classic line from Towpaths of Glory, the second episode of season 3 of The Last Detective. Frank Moore, a military leader, is found dead, dumped in a junkyard. One familiar face in this series is Pip Torrens, who plays Captain Boyden, and he pops up regularly in British dramas.

Also Kung Fu fighting is in the episode, during a wedding dance scene! Not sure if it's Carl Douglas's rendition. Julie attracts the interest of a wedding guest during some hot and heavy dance movies, and if it was Basic Instinct or Romancing the Stone, they would have ended up being the beast with two backs (coincidentally, Michael Stone starts in both movies). Thankfully Julie isn't interested in the guest when he tries to kiss her on the lips!! Dangerous wasn't impressed by this at all. It's good to see him toughening up.

Dangerous has a sobering talk with a chav who found a gun and stole Dangerous's cell phone.

DI Aspinall tells Dangerous that he's a "good, solid copper". It was hard for him to say it, but it represents the respect Dangerous has from his superior.
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