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Robert Patrick: Ray Schenkel



  • [first lines] 

    Security Guard : [at Elmira Correctional Facility]  Open the gate.

    [Ray walks through the gate to Dorsey waiting at the trunk of his car with a drink] 

    William Dorsey : So they let 'cha out.

    William Dorsey : [from afar, walking]  21 years, 5 months, and 3 days, but who's countin'. Thanks for comin', Dorsey.

    William Dorsey : Wipe that smirk off your face, ya bastard.

    Ray Schenkel : All these years, you still hate me. Hanging onto anger is really unhealthy.

    [the men begin walking together] 

    William Dorsey : Your act may have fooled the parole board, but not me.

    Ray Schenkel : You need to let go.

    William Dorsey : [looking at Ray]  Not a chance. When you do it again, I'll be waiting.

    Ray Schenkel : [staring straight ahead]  Follow me around all you want, but you're gonna get bored. I've been rehabilitated.

    [speeds up; sound of bus; passes up Dorsey] 

    William Dorsey : [louder]  You'll always be a rapist, Schenkel!

    [Ray finishes jogging to where the bus will stop and stops and looks to Dorsey] 

    Ray Schenkel : I guess this is it, then. See ya, Dorsey.

    [gets on the Interstate bus lines bus] 

    William Dorsey : Bet on it!

    [Ray, in the bus, gives his ticket to the driver and sees a teen girl] 

    Ray Schenkel : You mind if I sit here?

    [she shrugs and removes backpack from the empty seat. After sitting, he looks out the window at Dorsey, who is standing outside the window. He puts his arm around her seat, hand at the back of the seat, and waves at Dorsey with his other hand, then removing his arm and sitting straight and facing forward. Dorsey resignedly sighs and follows the bus for a few yards] 

  • Ray Schenkel : Girl gets raped and I'm on the radar?

    Olivia Benson : Who said anything about rape?

    Ray Schenkel : Well, I'm a convicted sex offender. Round up the usual suspects, right? I'm not making any excuses for what I did, but I've had a lot of time to confront my demons and become a better man.

    Odafin Tutuola : Or a lot of time for you sick fantasies to fester.

    Ray Schenkel : You the same guy you were 20 years ago?

    Odafin Tutuola : This ain't about me.

    Ray Schenkel : No, it's about Detective Dorsey. He got to you. He doesn't believed I've changed and neither do you. What kind of fool would rape a woman the day he gets out of prison?

    Olivia Benson : You, Ray, 'cause there's no cure for sex offenders.

  • Ray Schenkel : [to Stabler]  People think sex offenders are different. We're like aliens, drooling fiends lurking in the bushes, but we're just like everybody else. Why are pictures of young girls plastered all over billboards? Half naked, mouths open, legs spread. Peddling ass to sell clothes. If it didn't turn us on, they wouldn't do it.

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