"Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" Slaves (TV Episode 2000) Poster

Audra McDonald: Audrey Jackson


  • Dr. Audrey Jackson : Do you always deflect personal questions with jokes?

    John Munch : Do you always deflect jokes with personal questions?

  • Dr. Audrey Jackson : Have you ever experienced any sexual dysfunction since taking this job? And I'd like a serious answer.

    Det. John Munch : Once.

    Dr. Audrey Jackson : Thank you. And when was that?

    Det. John Munch : Not sure, but I think it was somewhere in the last ten minutes.

  • Dr. Audrey Jackson : We still have 45 minutes.

    John Munch : Well, I could give you a complete detailed account of my sex life... but what are we going to do with the other 44 minutes?

  • Det. John Munch : [to Dr. Jackson]  Look, I'm not good talking about me. You're the expert, why don't you talk about me?

    Dr. Audrey Jackson : OK. You've been married multiple times. Each wife was spoiled, beautiful, but not one matched you intellectually. You distrust all women, any form of government and you could smell a conspiracy at a five-year-old's lemonade stand.

    Det. John Munch : Anything else?

    Dr. Audrey Jackson : You've given up on relationships, but you still believe in true love.

  • Dr. Audrey Jackson : [to Munch]  Do you have a girlfriend?

    Det. John Munch : Do you?

  • Donald Cragen : [to Dr. Jackson]  This is ridiculous. Why don't you just ask me?

    Dr. Audrey Jackson : Ask you?

    Donald Cragen : The question you're tap-dancing around. Do I get the urge to drink? See, that's the problem with you people. You ask about golfing or jogging or whether a person was breast-fed or not. Why don't you just ask me about my alcoholism? That's what this has been about, hasn't it?

    Dr. Audrey Jackson : Do you want to talk about it?

    Donald Cragen : No, I don't, but I will. Yes. I get the urge to drink. Every day. I see horrific acts of degradation, of brutality, of human evil. They make me angry. They make me sick. They get inside my head and I wanna shut them up. I know if I crawl inside of a bottle, they will stop.

    Dr. Audrey Jackson : Do you think you will?

    Donald Cragen : Ask me tomorrow.

  • Dr. Audrey Jackson : [to Stabler]  How do you handle it?

    Elliot Stabler : I think, a lot. About the crime, the victim, the people who do this sort of thing.

    Dr. Audrey Jackson : Anything else?

    Elliot Stabler : How I could get away with killing 'em.

  • Donald Cragen : [to Dr. Jackson]  How goes the witch hunt?

    Dr. Audrey Jackson : Well, I've seen everybody.

    Donald Cragen : You find any bed-wetters or cross-dressers?

    Dr. Audrey Jackson : No. No, I've found a commensurate level of stress and neurosis that one would expect in this work. For the most part.

    Donald Cragen : For the most part.

    Dr. Audrey Jackson : The purpose of this program is to identify detectives that are close to meltdown. It's to protect the public from them as well as themselves.

    Donald Cragen : You're saying you found someone in my unit?

    Dr. Audrey Jackson : I did. I'm afraid I have to recommend that they be removed from duty. Immediately.

    Donald Cragen : [looks at his detectives]  Who?

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