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  • An attorney (guest star Andrew McCarthy) suspected of keeping a Romanian immigrant as a sex slave is linked to a woman's murder.


The synopsis below may give away important plot points.


  • After a shopkeeper is handed an address and told to tell the woman living there something is very bad and "she was right." He brings a note for help to the squad, which leads the detectives to the written address, whose resident claims she does not know the source of the plea. However, when asked the whereabouts of her niece, she states her niece, Ilena (3 years from RomaniaI) is fine.

    The detectives have just begun to track Ilena when her aunt is found dead beside the highway, having been killed less than an hour after she had been visited by Stabler and Benson. Urged on by a sense of dread, they locate Ilena, who denies anything is wrong. She is working as a live-in maid to a yuppie wealthy couple. However, dissonance is felt when they interview the husband and he vocally abuses his assistant in front of them and tries to demand where Benson should sit.

    They finally are able to tie the wife to the death of the aunt, and her fear and servility to her husband leads them to pounce harder on him. However, missing is the young Romanian Ilena. A desperate house search locates the girl, but the stunning manner in which she is hid must be seen.

    A secondary thread is that One Police center has ordered the squad to participate in an experimental series of psych evaluations. We see each of the characters answer one or two questions, with Munch getting the longest screen time here.

    At the end, the psychologist informs Cragen that one of the officers must be terminated " immediately." Identification is kept from us by the final fade-out.

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