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  • Encouraged by Rona Liberman, Corky runs for freshman class president with the help of smart, but very unpopular classmate, Lester. Thinking that Rona likes him, Corky doesn't know he was only nominated by her as a joke.


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  • At school, some jocks play a mean prank on Corky (), but he tells his mother () that he doesn't want to tattle on them. In class, Mr. Leighton brings up the upcoming freshman class president race, but Lester () says that it is merely a popularity contest, and in gym, Corky and Lester are ignored and not picked for teams. Lester seems hurt and resentful, but Corky is unconcerned. Later, Rona () nominates Corky for class president, and although the teacher suspects a cruel joke, Corky is pleased and accepts. Lester then nominates himself, but only Corky supports the motion. Lester asks him why, as they are now rivals, and Corky says he did it to be nice. Realizing that Corky has a shot of winning the "sympathy vote," Lester offers to drop out and run Corky's campaign, knowing that he can manipulate him. At home, as Drew () and Libby renovate the bathroom, Becca () tells them about Corky's candidacy and says she is worried that his feelings will be hurt, but her parents support his choice. Paige (), on the other hand, is not speaking to Libby, which bothers Drew.

    Lester assists Corky with posters and a speech for the campaign, although he clarifies that they are only business partners, as he has no interest in having friends. When he stays for dinner, he is taken aback by the friendly, affectionate Thacher family, telling Becca that he wants to gain power in the school to get back at those who have mistreated him, and she informs him that revenge is not Corky's style. At school, Lester campaigns aggressively and Becca complains to Tyler (), who chooses not to get involved, as he is still guarding his secret about also having a brother with Down's syndrome. Becca accuses him of being ashamed of his sibling, but he argues that she is only worried about being "in the spotlight" along with Corky and is no different from him. Later, the candidates give speeches, and Lester and Corky promise to support "the little guy." The popular kids cheer along facetiously, despite Tyler's request that they leave Corky alone. After the speech, Lester grudgingly agrees that he and Corky are friends now, which makes Corky happy. However, that night he has a nightmare about running for President of the United States and botching his speech. When he awakens, he tells his father about his fears, and Drew gives him some good advice.

    Drew attempts to keep the peace between Paige and Libby as Becca continues worrying about the kids at school mocking Corky. Drew says that running for president makes him happy, and they decide not to infringe upon his "day in the sun." At school, Corky gives Rona a campaign button, and Lester asks Becca how Corky will feel if they lose. She explains that he would feel worse about knowing that he is being made fun of. He marvels at Corky's trusting nature and questions why God would set someone up to be mocked by others so much. Rona makes a pass at Tyler and he rejects her because of her treatment of Corky, and Rona's friend advises her to befriend Corky in order to keep Tyler's affection. Later, she calls Corky and invites him over for a party, saying that Lester cannot come, and Corky looks to Paige for advice. She tells him to go, saying that Lester will not find out, but he soon does and ends up quitting Corky's campaign in anger. Libby takes Corky over to Lester's house after dinner to smooth things over, but Lester lashes out at him, calling him a "retard." The next day, Corky does not want to go to school for the election, but Becca encourages him not to give up. Once at school, she calls out Lester for his unkind behavior. When giving his final speech, Corky freezes up, and Tyler comes to his defense when some students mock him. Corky finally says that people should be kind to those who are different and consider their experiences, and the students respond well. Later, Corky learns that he lost the election, but only by a small amount, and he is happy with the experience. He and Lester make up, as do Paige and Libby, and peace is restored to the Thacher home.

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