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The synopsis below may give away important plot points.


  • Borrowing the plot of Noel Coward's comedic stage play "Blithe Spirit", "Till Death Do Us Part - Maybe" revolves around the late Mickey Garner, a ghost who keeps popping up to disrupt the life of his widow Ellen. He's trying to help Ellen find a new husband, and well-dressed lawyer Greg Elkins looks like a good candidate. "Chubs" is Gopher's nickname for his little sister Jennifer, who has lost weight and become a knockout. Gopher becomes overprotective of Jennifer and asks Doc to protect her from cruise ship Casanova's, not realizing that Jennifer is attracted to older men - like Doc. Divorced Les comes to see his daughter Linda and her husband Wayne off for a cruise, but Les' ex-wife Gail shows up and the barbs begin flying immediately. The problem worsens when Les and Gail try to leave the ship before it sails, but Gail insists on looking at parts of the ship that are "closed for renovation". The divorced couple winds up getting "Locked Away" in a cabin when the door slams shut and the knob comes off in Les' hand.

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