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A "Ghost"-like Story
Desertman8426 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Till Death Do Us Part-Maybe/Locked Away/Chubs is the eighth episode of the second season of The Love Boat.Guest stars include Melissa Sue Anderson, Conrad Bain, Jamie Lee Curtis, Janet Leigh, Greg Morris, Jimmie Walker, Vernee Watson-Johnson, Peter Coffield, Bebe Drake, Raymond Allen and Deney Terrio.

The passengers in the cruise includes: a widow who is unknowingly followed by her husband's ghost after she wasn't able to overcome his death and tries to set her up with another passenger; a divorced couple who sees their daughter; and Gopher's sister who gets to know Doc.

The widow's story is somehow memorable considering this has become a popular premise in many movies like the hit movie "Ghost" back in 1990's and many other romance movies.Also,it was nice to see Janet Leigh and Jamie Lee Curtis,who happen to be real-life mother and daughter,play mother and daughter in this episode as well.
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