"The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour" Lucy Takes a Cruise to Havana (TV Episode 1957) Poster

Ann Sothern: Susie MacNamara


  • Lucy Ricardo : [telling the story of meeting Ricky on a cruise to Havana with her pal, Susie Macnamara]  We saved our money to go on this ocean cruise. Y'see, Susie and I were looking for some... culture.

    Fred Mertz : The way I remember it, you had your hooks out for a man.

    Lucy Ricardo : Well, let's just say we were looking for some cultured men.

    Susie MacNamara : [later, on shipboard, they seem to be getting nowhere]  I have searched this boat stem to stern, top to bottom, fore and aft, and I haven't found one available man. I hate to tell you, Lucy: we're travelling on a floating YWCA.

    Lucy Ricardo : Brother, they weren't kidding when they said this ship was on its maiden voyage.

    Lucy Ricardo : [as they commiserate, Fred Mertz strolls by, and they look him over]  Well, he's better than nothing.

    Susie MacNamara : I was looking for something a little younger.

    Lucy Ricardo : Yeah, so was I.

    Lucy Ricardo : [she takes another long look at Fred, then turns to Susie]  Y'know, the farther we go, the younger he looks.

  • Cruise Director : [when they go ashore in Havana, the Cruise Director arranges some dates for the girls]  Well, they were very shy, but I arranged everything... Have a good time, huh?

    Lucy Ricardo : Thank you.

    Susie MacNamara : Well, things are looking up.

    Lucy Ricardo : Yeah. Who gets who?

    Susie MacNamara : [since they both want Carlos, and neither wants Ricky, they flip a coin]  Heads.

    Lucy Ricardo : [when it comes up Heads, Lucy gets desperate]  Two out of three?

    Susie MacNamara : Oh, Lucy, don't be so fussy. You're only going for a sightseeing tour. You're not going to marry the guy!

    Ricky Ricardo : [after they all meet, Carlos and Ricky also disagree about how they should pair up]  I'll take the blonde.

    Carlos Garcia : No, that's the one I want. You take the other one.

    Ricky Ricardo : The other one is not my type.

    Carlos Garcia : What's the matter with her?

    Ricky Ricardo : I don't like redheads.

    Ricky Ricardo : [Carlos takes a coin from his pocket and flips it]  Cara.

    Carlos Garcia : [he looks at the coin]  Hee, hee, cruz! Ha ha ha.

    Ricky Ricardo : Dos por tres...

    Carlos Garcia : No, no, no, Ya gané.

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