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Falls Short Somehow (And I"m Not Talking About Radar)
Hitchcoc21 February 2015
Thefts abound in the 4077. Because the items taken from numerous cast members are found in Hawkeye's foot locker, he is blamed and becomes the pariah of the camp. Of course, Frank and Margaret already have the court martial papers ready for Henry to sign. It is up to Hawkeye to hunt down the real crook. While he does this, Radar is at work, following his every footstep, even impersonating a bush. Eventually, we get to the classic Agatha Christie drawing room scene (even though there is no drawing room), where the master detective runs through all the suspects and their potential motives and arrives at the conclusion. The final deduction is rather a disappointment, especially the reactions of the theft victims.
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Murder He Wrote, MASH Style
DKosty1237 June 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Hy Averback, veteran sit-com director of shows like F-Troop, handles the reins for this one. A murder mystery done very formula and work man like with Hawkeye playing the role of Sherlock Homes (or Jessica Fletcher in drag). The difference is it is done in a shorter time and has some laughs.

While it is not a top episode, it is suitably entertaining with all the folks getting dragged across the suspect list. Hawkeye gets all the suspects together in the mess tent for the finale. Motives get really mixed with Hawkeye in charge and the goings on get even more muddled with a few twists thrown in just to get the viewers attention.

No one throws out the first nurse here, but the doctors are definitely in stitches.
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