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The Last Rites of Frank Burns
Hitchcoc22 March 2015
After there is a lot of teasing about Major Houlihan's engagement, Donald Penobscot comes to the camp with the intention of marrying. They have only 48 hours to do the deed. Of course, Frank is a complete ass, but he is also scared to death that Donald is aware of his previous relationship with Margaret. In reality, he asks Frank to be his best man. Hawkeye and BJ decide to give the bridegroom a "smoker." I guess that's what we would call a bachelor party. The nurses do the same for Margaret. All the guys get totally loaded and Donald passes out. While in this condition (on the eve of his wedding) the guys put him in a body cast, claiming he broke both his legs. Finally, the wedding takes place. Donald has to be moved around manually as the vows are taken. Mulcahy does the honors, but just as they are finishing, a number of wounded are brought in. The ending is quite touching.
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Top 5 Episode of MASH
jjcards4411 September 2019
How do you not give this a 10. Wall to Wall snappy dialogue. Touching wedding scene and a classy one line send off by Frank Burns. Every character on point in this one..!
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