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Off to a Good Start
dougdoepke21 July 2010
Like a rider coming over the horizon, already we see signs of the classic Maverick to come. It's a battle of wits all the way as Bret takes on the town tyrant Phineas King (great name). After donning his trademark dude's outfit, Bret locks horns with the smooth-talking slickster in what else but a crooked poker game. After that the shenanigans fly thick and fast right up to the cleverly satisfying climax involving ownership of a silver lode.

It's a fine cast for this first episode—silent screen star Edmund Lowe as King, muscular roughneck Leo Gordon as Big Mike, and familiar face John Litel as the judge. Look fast too for cowboy star Bob Steele in a supporting role. And I especially like someone's judgment in casting a plain-faced Carla Merey as the girl, instead of the usual glamorous type. Also, cult director Buddy Boetticher is in charge of the action. Clearly, producer and Hollywood veteran Roy Huggins knew what he was doing in putting this together.

Garner plays it pretty straight except for a couple of brief moments when the classic character peeks out, like from under the bed covers as the girl leaves his room. However, this trademark humorous side would take a little time to develop. But it's not hard to see even from this first entry that something special is on the way.
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Feeling for the character
bkoganbing14 March 2018
In this inaurgural episode of Maverick, James Garner rides in dirty and dissheveled but heads to the best hotel in town and asks that a sealed envelope rather bulging with contents be deposited in the hotel safe. That makes the clerk give him a room. When he returns in the attire we know him best in Maverick for it's off to the poker game where cattle baron Edmund Lowe is king at the table.

Some movie fans and some Mark Twain fans will not fail to notice the story the Million Pound Note, written by Twain and made into a film starring Gregory Peck is closely parallel to this story.

Garner is not quite the conman we grew to love on Maverick. It seems like he was feeling for the character. The episode is directed by Budd Boetticher who did so many Randolph Scott features.

It was an interesting beginning.
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Interesting Start - Bit of a Con Job
DKosty1235 May 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Even though this series would get stronger, this first show is good. Leo Gordon who often play mobsters serves as one of the folks Breat Maverick (James Garner) has to deal with. What a supporting cast, as John Litel and Edmund Lowe head up a cast as good as any for am hour.

Waener Brothers really made some efftort getting this series going. The episode is based upon the book 'War of The Cooper Kings' with some modifications. Warners studios made a lot of good movies for many years in addition to the grea animation features of the Looney Tunes. The studio that was responsible for Bogart's Casablanca has nothing to be ashamed of here.

This is just the start.
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Maverick: War Of The Silver Kings
jcolyer12295 July 2015
Warning: Spoilers
"The War Of The Silver Kings" aired on September 22, 1957. I had started the 6'th grade. "I'm a gambler," Bret announces, and the first show begins with poker. He works out a deal between Phineas King and the miners of Echo Springs, but not before Phineas has him knocked in the head. Edie is is taking care of Bret when he comes to. She is a young, romantic dreamer. It was Leo Gordon as Big Mike McComb who had Maverick bushwhacked. Gordon became a recurring character and did some writing. Bret goes on to help a judge get sober and regain his dignity. Bret prefers to fight with his brains. He is concerned about the tear in his coat.
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