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Fuji gets a girl!
kfo949413 November 2014
Even though the situation of the food-fight was far-fetched, the main part of the story about Fuji finally getting a girl was worth the watch. This was a different type of script as we have Fuji (Yoshio Yoda) finally getting some face time on the screen.

It begins when the crew is setting out for a luau type dinner with the local native chief. Fuji is feeling low and wants to tag alone. McHale finally agrees and introduces him as a Hawaiian guy named Freddie. Fuji meets a local native girl named Sulani and sparks start to fly. The only problem is that Fuji's girl has a jealous boyfriend named Maloco. But that seems far behind as Fuji steals some kisses from the beautiful island girl.

Meanwhile, Binghamton is expecting a visit by the Under-secretary of State that is visiting to see how the base is dealing with the local natives. Binghamton wants to show him how his relations with the natives are on excellent terms and brings the locals to the Officer's Club for a little food and drink. But while he is doing a local dance with the lovely Sulani, Maloco, the jealous boyfriend, come in and wants to start a war. Things are not going well for Binghamton.

This script, except for the terrible food-fight, was exciting. It was something different from the norm that was interesting to watch. We all have a place in our hearts for Fuji and know that he is left out of so many of the adventures due to him being a POW, but this episode makes up good ground for the Japanese actor. it was nice to see him end the show on his own terms. This turned into a very good show.
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