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A bit of frustration
gjenevieve25 July 2015
They decided to get rid of Sally for this final season of the show. That is really too bad. I do have a complaint that, although they did make mention of the fact that Sally died in a plane crash, they once again have made no mention of the baby they had at the end of season 4.

One of my complaints from season 5 was that there was absolutely no mention of the baby at any time during any of the shows, not even the one with the earthquake that had damaged their home. They were trying to keep the show hip and I understand that, but they most certainly could have continued mentioning the baby periodically in the same manner as they did for the season 4 finale.

I am also not sure that he would have been so ready to start dating again only 8 months after Sally died. Those two were very close and I speak from my own experience, that when I lost my husband I was devastated for more than 2 years before I could even remotely start living normally. It was even longer than that before I started to date again and I only did so because I had a young child to raise.

The episode was overall pretty good. A lot of little twists and turns.
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No longer a wife
bkoganbing23 June 2015
In the very beginning of this first show of season six of McMillan&Wife it is mentioned there was no longer a wife. It is told us that Susan Saint James was killed in a plane crash. Nancy Walker left the show as well and Rock Hudson new housekeeper is Martha Raye her sister. So the shows of this last season have Hudson involved with a new girl friend each show.

This show has Jessica Walter a tennis pro who had married a millionaire and retired. Now she's a widow and has gone back on the tennis circuit because she didn't get as much as she thought she would in the inheritance. Some of her last solid assets were her jewels and remember Marilyn Monroe's advice about diamonds being a girl's best friend.

Those go in a well executed robbery with Walter the victim of an extortion where she believes her stepson Jeffrey Byron is kidnapped for ransom. Of course he shows up late at a planned appointment having no idea what was going on.

If mystery is the key there was no mystery involved because I knew almost from the start who among a list of suspects that includes Byron, Norman Alden, Dick Haymes, Jason Evers, and even police lieutenant Dane Clark of the Las Vegas PD was the brains. Two accomplices wind up dead and one wounded. Even Walter herself is suspected.

But any watcher of mysteries can tell you also who the culprit is. Never good for a mystery.
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