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I think I can explain the appeal...
newindustry9 March 2008
I've just gotten around to seeing this one for the first time recently and I think I can draw a bead on why people dig it. Much like The Hitcher segments, much of Chris Morris' work, and even the Gervais/Merchant Office, the humor is all based in discomfort and anxiety. We've seen happy-go-lucky Vince so much, and knowing Noel Fielding also plays this appalling, intense, cringe-inducing abomination spouting beyond-bizarre dialogue is really disquieting. So much so that the only response one can find is to laugh or writhe in tension. Not to mention that the things Old Gregg says are written like much of the rest of Boosh, but are delivered with the unpredictability and vocabulary of a crazed bum. It's a completely surreal situation, yet painfully understandable and frightening when accepted on its own terms. Old Gregg has no supernatural powers, no deus ex machina resolution, nothing but weird vibe and genetic mutation. In the face of fear, one can laugh or be crippled, and Old Gregg is frightening enough to haunt the wet cave of memory, drinking Bailey's out of a shoe, incessantly reminding us who he is and that he still is. He's Old Greeeegggg...
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Don't take it so seriously!
emilypeel-atelier21 March 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I only heard about the Mighty Boosh through friends, but never actually saw it until the night before. And I'm glad The Legend of Old Gregg was my introduction to the show. That episode had me screaming and laughing in the middle of the night. Obviously this stuff is not meant to be taken seriously, and it doesn't need to be analyzed. Just enjoy it for what it is. I mean the Funk and how it influenced the Funk is hilarious. I was just excited and surprised the Brits knew anything about Funk music. As I am a big fan of it. This show is like a crazy mash up of Land of the Lost, Mad TV, Pee Wee's Playhouse and any other crazy live action 70's Saturday morning t.v. shows, with that undeniable British wit. The entire show is a suspension of belief and reality, so just enjoy it.
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I'm Old Gregg!
Otoboke11 February 2008
This one I didn't quite as enjoy as much as others and simply cannot see fans' admiration for it. Sure, it's a funny episode, with some brilliant interaction between Howard and Vince, but 'Old Gregg' just didn't do it for me, sorry. There simply isn't enough to him as a character that makes him funny. Sure, he's pathetic, a little psychotic and he's got a 'mangina', but to be honest, he never really made me laugh; like Howard said, he's just quite irritating.

The plot as a whole isn't too bad, at least until Howard and Vince are separated. Usually this technique works, allowing both to flex both their characters in hilarious situations before Vince comes in to save the day, but it doesn't work quite so well here. Instead both just kind of wait a little, in a bit of lull until the problem can be resolved. It's a shame too that Barratt's performance seems a little off during the scenes with Old Gregg, never really bringing out any of the humorous sides of Howard. Instead he's portrayed as rather despondent and nothing else.

Nevertheless I did love the fishermen, the tale of the funk, the 'love games' song (one of the best yet!) and the brilliant scenes with Howard and Vince just working the chemistry together; trading dialogue and creating some of the best scenes of the episode. Overall, a good show, but certainly not the classic it's made out to be- the poorest effort of season 2 I'd say.
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