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"My flexible friend!"
Yonilikka-225 March 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Old-school British comedy generally had a bad time of it in the 1990's; the B.B.C. and I.T.V. dumped the likes of Russ Abbot, Little & Large, Cannon & Ball, and Terry & June. Spike Milligan was mainly confined to chat-shows, and Les Dawson and Les Dennis only stayed on air by fronting game-shows. An exception to the rule was Rowan Atkinson's splendid 'Mr.Bean', which basically consisted of clever visual comedy ( with minimal dialogue ). 'Curse' was the third broadcast episode. Mr.Bean goes to a swimming baths, and climbs to the highest diving board, only to then suffer vertigo. Luckily, two young lads are on hand to ensure he makes it into the water ( one of them stamps on his fingers ). Next, our hero has lunch in the park, assembling a sandwich from ingredients found on his person, and ingeniously using a credit card as a knife. Finally, with mousy girlfriend 'Irma' ( Matilda Ziegler ) in tow, he goes to see a horror movie and struggles to watch it without openly displaying terror.

All good stuff. When I.T.V.-3 repeated this a few years ago, it deleted the scene where Bean ( sans swimming trunks ) emerges from the pool, and runs into a pack of schoolgirls. I have the feeling that it will someday find its way into Channel 4's 'It Was Alright In The 1990's'. I can see it now: "Look, viewers! A nude man and schoolgirls together! Disgusting! Just shows how much television has changed for the better! Thank goodness for the sophisticated wit of Dapper Laughs!".

Funniest moment - in the cinema, Bean pulls his sweater over his face to avoid looking at the screen. When the lights come on, Irma looks at him and screams!
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Scaredy Cat.
Arth_Joshi9 June 2019
Mr. Bean

Atkinson, as confessed, has been preparing for this role since the very beginning. What started as a time-filling sketch, it is quite an elevation considering what this character; more than the series, has achieved. Rowan Atkinson, the actor and more or less the creator of this global phenomenon, has previously worked in similar arenas in stages, miming, what basically could be considered as a stand up, his appearances have always been about the performance more than the content. And with a physical language that bars no boundaries, this global outreach actually comes with a never-ending clause.

Primarily, to Atkinson. Since he could always claim his throne and the blames could easily be passed upon. But filtering or criticizing themselves, the creators have only shot definite amount of these sketchy scenes, in order to maintain the quality. And so pure the material is, that even after decades later, it hasn't gotten rusty yet. And it presumably never will. Since none of these scenarios seem effortful or tedious to the audience, the depicted gags are actually a part of a common man's routine in his day-to-day life.

And looking at those activities with an eye of an anarchistic 9 year old boy, Atkinson has managed to embed his name among pioneers like Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin. But even something sensational as such, comes with few flaws. Lopping off the editing and execution of this series, the shift of these chapters into one typical sitcom can easily be seen. Running out of ideas and occasionally compromising to the commercial aspect of the fame (Christmas episode), the series loses the subtlety for a brief period. When the neck starts going towards the noose rather than the other way around, that is when Mr. Bean grows simpleton, in a sense that it relies upon nothing but the performer and its inspiringly absurd performance.

The Curse Of Mr. Bean

The iconic sandwich making scene comes in this chapter and also possibly the only thing I remember from the series. But I would be lying if I said I didn't like the horror show. With comparatively less elements in that scene, Atkinson's performance is off the roof and as a result you are- I never thought I'd say it- rolling on the floor and laughing your guts out.
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give mr bean credit it not everday that he scared of horror movies
torenkneedler27 October 2018
Warning: Spoilers
In the curse of mr bean the episode first opens with bean going to a swimming pool

later on bean is having a sandwich but when he sneezes on his sandwich the man sitting next to bean

gives him an extra sandwich later on bean heads to the movie theater to watch a horror movie

with his girlfreind there mr bean learns the hard way as he is scared of horror movies

and embarrses himself in the theater

before he scares his girlfreind and the episode ends

that why it called the curse of mr bean
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