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  • A man is saved form a loan shark by a psychopathic female dog owner, who wants him as a pet. / Happy housewife Kate is targeted by a mysterious relentless thug for seemingly no reason.

  • Barry is a struggling musician, who's being hounded by a murderous loan shark, because the shark thinks Barry has the money his musician friend owes him. He beats up Barry badly, but Barry manages to stop a passing car and the driver, veterinarian technician Amanda, helps him escape and takes him in for a few days until things cool down. Her two pet dobermans seem friendly enough and help Barry feel safe. He even tries to kiss Amanda, but she politely stops him. However, the shark eventually locates him somehow, and breaks into the house. That's when the dogs show their true nature. Barry begins to realize that he might have jumped from the frying pan into the fire.

  • Housewife Kate Morris lives in a nice suburban neighborhood with her loving husband and little daughter. She has a perfect life she always dreamed of. However, when she's attacked by a mugger on the street, who only takes the pictures of her and her family, and then a creepy man in a convenience store threatens to take her away and tries to attack her, she becomes confused and terrified. Who are these scary people and why are they targeting her?


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  • A day in the life of a woman becomes the setting for a far more horrific reality.

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