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Real life sucks, huh, Ford?
MartinHafer27 June 2013
"Plague of Locusts" is a very good episode of "The Paper Chase". It's well written and some nice guest appearances by John Randolph (in a small role) and Paul Burke as Mr. Ford.

The show begins with Professor Kingsfield showing his distaste for the recruiting season. It seems that law firms are descending on the campus to woo second year students away with fantastic summer jobs. It really isn't this that bothers him, but that some of them offer the students perks and as a result, students are more concerned with getting stuff as opposed to being good lawyers. Of these students, Hart is among the most actively pursued. Much of this is because he's on 'Law Review'--but one firm (headed by Ford's father) knows that Hart has the highest GPA in his class. This is a problem because the grades are NOT given out and it's obvious he's done some underhanded work to get someone in the records office to show them the grades. The high-minded Ford is struck by the sudden realization his father is a shifty character. At the same time, Hart's head is HUGE and he must pick among the many offers--and remember who he is and not be swayed by these locusts!

I really liked this episode. It gave Hart a chance to stretch his character, it was well-written and the guest stars were quite nice. All in all, one of the better episodes of season two.

By the way, at the end of the show, Hart talks about how close San Francisco is from Yosimite National Park. It's about four hours--not exactly a short distance away for most folks.
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