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Scott Wolf: Bailey Salinger


  • Sarah Reeves : [to Bailey]  So, do you have a plan? I mean, is there, like, some sort of treatment or something?

    Bailey Salinger : Yeah. AA. I'm gonna go to my first meeting tonight.

    Sarah Reeves : That sounds good.

    Bailey Salinger : I guess I better practice. "Hello, my name is Bailey Salinger, and I am an alcoholic."

    Sarah Reeves : Bailey, um, it's Alcoholics Anonymous. You're not supposed to give your last name.

    Bailey Salinger : Oh. Well, then, it's a good thing I practiced.

  • Bailey Salinger : [about his AA meetings and the man who killed their parents]  They're all the same. Everybody sits around and talks about how you have to believe in a higher power. You have to surrender yourself to God. It's written in the first couple of steps, and when has God ever taken care of us? We're sitting here without Mom and Dad! Come on! Walter Alcott is living proof that there's no way there's a God.

  • Sarah Reeves : [to Bailey]  You have to go to AA, Bailey. You have to.

    Bailey Salinger : And say that I believe in stuff that I don't? Lie? No, I don't want to do that. I'm sick of lying, Sarah, so, no.

    Sarah Reeves : No! No, Listen to me, okay? I'm here, and I'm here with you because you promised me you were going to get help.

    Bailey Salinger : I tried!

    Sarah Reeves : So try again, okay? This isn't optional! Look, you don't have a choice here. You have a disease and you need to do whatever it takes to get well, okay? So skip the God part, do the rest!

    Bailey Salinger : No, it doesn't work that way, dammit! Don't you think that I wanted AA to be it? I know there's something wrong with me, and if I could believe that there was really someone who would protect me and help me not want to drink 24 hours every stupid day, don't you think... Sarah, don't you think that I would want that?

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