William Talman: Hamilton Burger


  • Hamilton Burger : Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, Mr. Mason has indeed surpassed himself. He has created for you a story which is pure poppycock! Absolute and complete nonsense. The defendant in this case is a shrewd, scheming woman. She seduced her employer, she stole from him, and finally she murdered him. And as for Mr. Mason's ridiculous theory about a hose, this is an *abandoned* real estate office we're talking about. The water's been shut off there for over a year. How could anyone possibly...

    Perry Mason : Your honor, the District Attorney is stating facts not in evidence. Since he lost the opportunity to get these matters in legitimately, in rebuttal, he is now trying to do it through prejudicial misconduct. I ask the court to declare a mistrial.

    Hamilton Burger : A *mistrial*? How can you...

    Judge : Mr. Burger, Mr. Mason's point is well taken...

  • Hamilton Burger : Mrs. Theilman, you never told me that you spoke to anyone in this case named Vidal.

    Carlotta Theilman : You never asked me.

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