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Foxhole on the Roof
Prismark104 May 2019
A nicely constructed episode even though it has few flaws.

Roddy Barker is a newly released convict but he has been planning a devious big job. From a high vantage point and barricaded in, he shoots at the doctors and nurses in the hospital post operation ward.

With ill patients left on their own, Barker demands a ransom of £1 million and he also has a hostage called Stacey.

However Stacey is actually a man and he is Barker's accomplice.

Cowley is stumped, the police and CI5 operatives cannot shoot at Barker and they cannot use any other force as he has a hostage.

Only Bodie as a plan as he takes colleague Murphy to climb a high tower.

A tense opening episode, it is nice to see a cunning plan. There is a lot of action and it looks like an expensive opening episode.

After a somewhat uneven fourth series, this one is much better.
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