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Entertaining to the MAX!
PoisonKeyblade28 December 2007
Warning: Spoilers
"I knew how to put a condom on a cucumber before I knew how to drive!" ~Michael

This episode was filled with some interesting moments and exchanges between characters, like Ted and Emmett's first real big "fight", and it was especially paradoxical to see the way Debbie acted when she found out that Michael was dating someone who was HIV-positive. She was always so supportive of every little thing that Michael did and said that it came as a real shocker when she seemed so upset. Brian and Lindsay have quite a few good scenes together, and the party scene where Justin and everyone are going crazy because of the spiked punch when all of a sudden Lindsay's parents come in was hysterically funny. I loved seeing Lindsay finally stick up to her parents after all that she's been through. As always, the exchanges between Justin and Brian were pure gold, and Michael and Ben just seem perfect together. Not the best episode in the world, but I did like it a lot.
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Episode #2.7
ComedyFan201025 March 2012
Warning: Spoilers
A very good episode. I especially like the storyline of Lindsay trying to get more approval from her parents. I really felt for her. The scene at the table was heartbreaking when her mother was ignoring the fact that she already is a grandmother or saying that the difference is that he sister's wedding was real. Mel talking to them after they didn't show up was great as well. And while I understand the point of this story, I still felt very bad for Lindsay that she couldn't show them that they aren't much different.

The HIV story is developing very well. I liked what they did with Debbie. We often know what is the right thing, what is moral and how one should act. but sometimes even knowing it doesn't make it easier to do it the right way when it affects one personally. Of course she knows that infected people deserve love, but she doesn't want her son to have the risk of infection. Very good and thought provoking idea.

Emmett being the star was a great comic relief for this episode
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