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Full of energy and amazing scenes
PoisonKeyblade9 January 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Episode 404 "What are you, scared?" "Yeah, I'm incapacitated with fear!" ~Justin and Brian

This season just keeps getting darker and darker, and I totally love it. AlthoughÂ… I really don't want Cody to be the next Ethan. That was SO two seasons ago, and I really don't want all that drama between Justin and Brian to happen all over again. He better have learned his lesson the first time around! While Cody does make for an interesting character, I feel very strongly that all he's doing is corrupting Justin. At first I was proud that Justin was standing up for what he thought was right, but things are already just completely out of control. Debbie is such a sad character now with practically no one to turn to! It's kind of depressing! I loved how the whole accounting thing reemerged for Ted, and I really hope that things work out for him the way that they should. The scene with Michael and Debbie fighting and then the social worker coming in was really funny. I loved the ending of the episode, although it does promise a dark path ahead, especially for Justin. My favorite scene so far this season and one of my favorites on the show ever is the scene where Justin and Brian are in bed together and they start fighting. That scene just had such high energy and great acting that it worked perfectly and the end result was incredibly amazing.
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Episode #4.4
ComedyFan20109 May 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I may be alone here, but I really don't think that what Cody does is too much. A gun without bullets isn't more violent than a guy with a knife. And them getting out and making out to find homophobes isn't wrong either. They do what they should be doing without anyone being disgusted. Just hiding in their area until someone gets in trouble doesn't solve the problem.

I liked the social worker story line. I feel pretty bad for Debbie now. I think friends and family should be there for one even after they get a boyfriend. And it is great to see that the fight everyone thought would look bad for the social worker ended up giving them plus points.

Also happy to see Ted starting to work for Brian. In a way I was sad he will not go after his dream of being a singer, but since accounting is his bigger talent it is not such a bad choice. And I feel it can bring some more interesting stories.
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